Wear your attitude with Cybertruck-inspired Future Warrior OLED watch from Benly Design

Elon Musk’s darling, the Tesla Cybertruck, cannot be left out of the news, or can it? Turns out not! After inspiring campers, pick-ups, and tents, the ultra-futuristic Cybertruck, way ahead of its time in terms of design and appearance, has now stirred the horology world.

Carrying the same distinctive geometric shape and a powerful metallic touch to it, the Future Warrior OLED digital watch from Benly Design embodies the sense of coolness and futurism. At first glance itself, the shape of the watch reflects the Cybertruck image, impersonating the distinctiveness. The cool look and the automotive styling of the watch make it a desirable timepiece.

Designer:  Benly Design

The Benly Design’s watch is priced at $110, pretty affordable for its absolute uniqueness, which sees the watch display divided into two sections within its zinc alloy casing. The bottom half features an OLED panel angled toward the wearer, and the top section has a visible circuit board with an LED backlight.

The angled digital OLED display is a nifty design tweak, it permits the wearer to see the time without twisting the wrist. The display comes alive when the arm is raised so viewing time is easy, without clicking a button or tapping the display, through the mineral glass overlay.

This at-a-glance electronic watch with a nice, visible OLED backlight display, can be your everyday partner unlike those smartwatches that run on batteries or the manual-wound counterparts. The Future Warrior doesn’t require power for charging every day, it comes with a solar panel to keep it going for years without fail.

Complementing the angular zinc alloy case of the watch is the accompanying sandblasted stainless steel strap with buckle clasp. The watch case measures 19mm thick and has a 39.9mm width. By that measurement, the watch is ideally sized for smaller wrists as well, and along with time function, it also has 12/24H, stopwatch, alarm, temperature, humidity, date and day features.

The Benly Design Cybertruck-inspired timepiece is waterproof up to 30m. To that accord, it is suitable for swimming in shallow water or taking it for a cold shower. Making a bold statement with its design and material usage, the eye-catching watch can make for a cool gift to someone who loves wristwatches especially, if you are not a big motorhead with a wristwatch fanaticism yourself.