All-electric Ferrari Alto reinforces legacy of The Prancing Horse in zero-emission dominated future

The prancing horses from Italy capture motorheads’ imagination whether they own one or not. These set of wheels adorn either the lavish garages of billionaires or stick to the walls of youngsters who have mustered up a million dreams of where they would take their Ferrari.

The brand laid the foundation of fast car trend that to date have proved their metal as more automotive sports car makers took up the challenge of satisfying demanding drivers. Such is the elegance and performance of The Prancing Horse that every fresh model rolling out of the production lines is as exciting as the last one.

Designer: Alban LERAILLER

With all the major automakers making the gradual transition to electric vehicles, performance cars also seem to be ready for the electrified future. Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the initial step that the Italian automaker had to offer in a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle setup, and they are currently building an all-electric hypercar to dominate the closely contested race for the zero-emission future.

This concept in line with the upcoming plans of Ferrari redefines the shift in strategy to an all-wheel drive electric sportscar that can induce the same level of excitement as the fuel-powered V12 monsters. The front intake of the Alto brings an advantage in terms of the rotation axis of the electric motor – the more speed it gains, the more air intake optimizes performance.

Alto has a divided approach in terms of design with a fluid top (for optimized aerodynamics) and a geometric bottom section (for constant and uniform tension), creating a mix of smooth and sharp aesthetics. Based on the iconic 365GTB chassis, the concept Ferrari here adapts the front section of the Daytona and the grille of the 250 GTs. The subdued spoiler is an extended part of the full body headlights and the panels on top open to act as aérofrein for active aerodynamics.

To add a bit of spark to the predictable concept car designs of today, Alban incorporates a wind instrument organ that diffuses the low-pitched sound inside and outside the cabin to create a peculiar sound. This gives the sportscar a personality of its own.