The Tinder-inspired Wallet!

I never thought I’d live to see the day where a wallet design would take direct inspiration from smartphones. The Vessel wallet literally allows you to ‘scroll’ through your cards to select the correct one! Much like Tinder, except on a vertical axis, you move down the cards that you don’t need, and swipe upwards to release the card you want to use. Hah!

The Vessel stays true to its name. It isn’t a wallet as much as a carrier for your belongings. Aside from the card slot and a money clip for your notes, it even comes with a secret, secure compartment that’s deep enough to fit a spare key, loose change, a USB or memory card, medicine, or even some rubber if you’re having a special night!

By design, the Vessel is built to not just be convenient, but to exude complete class. Its aerospace aluminum construction is sturdy, feels premium and solid. The wallet however is still light enough not to feel like an inconvenience. In fact, it weighs less than your phone! The Vessel comes in black or silver with six different color combos.

Wallets shouldn’t focus on being minimal by design. They are ultimately the place you store valuables (not just money) on the go, and that’s what the Vessel wallet gets right. Plus, it makes such a strong style statement!

Designer: Ari Horowitz

Click here to Buy Now: $85.00













Click here to Buy Now: $85.00