Airpods charger cover brings you the Nintendo Gameboy feels

When we use chargers for our devices, we usually just go for the ones that come with said device and don’t really think about other accessories to go with it. That’s because they’re almost always used exclusively for one purpose only: to juice up our smartphone, tablet, and other accessories. But who says you can’t have fun with it right? If you’re into the whole retro is cool again thing, then this new wrap for a charger from elago may be the one for you.

Designer: elago

Elago has been bringing their nostalgic accessories a-game as we’ve seen some Nintendo-inspired designs from them this year. The newest one that they’re releasing is a Game Boy cover for your Airpods charger. Basically, the “wrap” will turn your charger into the coolest thing ever, at least for those who can recognize the now-classic Game Boy design. It’s similar to the MagSafe wallet that they recently announced as well.

The wrap is compatible for the Apple 35W Dual USB-C Power Adapter that powers up your Airpods. It basically looks like the Game Boy interface with the face buttons, D-Pad, and other elements that you’re used to seeing in the Nintendo device. Of course these don’t have any function except to be nostalgic aesthetic. It uses soft silicone material and has a larger cutout around the dual USB-C jacks so it can be used with any cable thickness.

It is a pretty cute addition to your charger and aside from looking cool, it is also able to protect it from scratches, bumps, drops, dirt, and oils because of the material. It is available in Light Grey, Black, and Sand Pink and costs only around $15.