Triangle Side Table offers an interesting way to show off your books

As the name suggests, a side table is a piece of furniture that’s often placed on the periphery, serving a secondary purpose to hold small objects temporarily. They’re a great location for placing drinks while you lounge on the couch and read a book, or for placing that same book when you need to put it down for a bit. Because of this function, it’s sometimes possible to let side tables take on less conventional forms, at least compared to common desks and tables. You might even be able to stretch the definition of a table to something that might not look like a table at all, like this hollow triangular prism that functions as a decorative piece and a resting place for your books.

Designer: Matthew Soule

The standard definition of a table is an elevated flat horizontal surface supported by vertical legs, but the exact interpretation of these elements is sometimes left to imagination and creativity. The only real requirement is that it should have a stable structure to hold items, though what objects it can hold is again open to interpretation. Side tables are often used to hold cups, mugs, pens, phones, notebooks, and books, and they sometimes have separate storage space for other, less-used objects.

With that in mind, there are plenty of sources for design ideas, like this Triangle Side Table that was supposedly inspired by kids’ toy blocks. It definitely challenges the definition of a table having a flat horizontal surface, though there is definitely an area for that on the back of the apex, like a ledge for your things. That flat area, however, is barely enough to hold a mug, a small notebook, or a smartphone, but only one at a time. There’s also a groove for securing a writing instrument, but you’ll have to make it your favorite or most-used tool since there’s only room for one.

The main focus, instead, is to have a resting place for what you’re currently reading, be it a book or a magazine. You place the partially opened book on top of the triangle, using the tip as a bookmark. It’s a popular design in many minimalist products these days, though it’s uncertain whether it will harm the book’s binding in the long run.

The open interior of the triangle is also another place to showcase reading materials, though it can also house a potted plant or even a pet mattress. The unique shape of the side table, its natural wood material, beveled edges, and the minimalist base that makes the table look like it’s magically floating all contribute to making the odd side table an attention-grabbing piece of furniture. Unfortunately, it’s also quite poor at actually functioning as a regular table, so you’ll definitely want to put it at the sides only.