Solar electric minivan lets you power up in emergency situations

In the old days, the only function of vehicles was to transport people and goods to their desired location. But as technology evolves, we expect a lot more from them other than just a way to get from point A to point B. We also expect newer cars to be much more eco-friendly, hence the emergence of electric vehicles. Now, we’re seeing vehicles that are able to “contribute to society” in their own way by adding various functionalities aside from just moving.

Designer: HW Electro

Puzzle is a small commercial electric vehicle from HW Electro that may be the size of a light car or van but also has a lot of other functionalities built into it. It can become a mobile power source during emergencies with its AC power supply function and can also become a WiFi hotspot that anyone can connect to. It also has an emergency kit that can be used during emergency situations. The van also has solar panels on top to add to the power source. They plan to add even more functions eventually as the vehicle evolves.

The exterior of the vehicle has been streamlined so it’s easy to remove or add other components since they’re using the same panels. This way they are able to eliminate waste during production since things like the panel under the front light, the front edge of the roof, the left front door, and the right rear door are made from the same exterior panel. The interior has an almost cubic cargo space so you can use the full size of the van. There are also interior panels made into pinboards so you can turn the inside into more of a modular space which you can arrange according to your needs and preferences.

HW Electro released a dedicated app so you can connect electric vehicles like the Puzzle to users’ smartphones to keep track of various information like battery level, charging status, location, etc. If you plan to travel long distances and use your vehicle as your shelter and power source, this is a good eco-friendly and multi-function option for you.