The River Forest Lookout Is A 60Ft Tall Shipping Container Tiny Home To Consider For Your Next Holiday Rental

Dubbed the River Forest Lookout, this project is quite an intriguing one, since it elevates shipping container architecture to a whole another level…quite literally! This project is located above the forest floor in Whitfield Country, Georgia, and was constructed by owner Mark Derenthal and his family. The unique home features a fire lookout tower-style design and is made up of two containers that have been elevated 60ft above the ground.

Designer: Mark Derenthal

The River Forest Lookout is placed on rural land spanning 14 acres, and it was quite a complex and difficult process to transport everything to the site. Assembling the various parts such as the base and the stairs was quite a pain too, as was craning the modified shipping containers into place.

You can enter the home via a staircase, and you are invited into an open-plan living area that occupies one of the shipping containers. This space accommodates a few chairs, and a dining table, as well as a basic kitchen with a mini fridge, a microwave, and a two-burner propane-powered stove. Adjacent to this open-plan living area is a bedroom which contains a double bed. The space has been equipped with an ample amount of shelving and some neat storage nooks. The first shipping container is amped with floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as a skylight which maximizes the amount of natural light that streams into the space.

The second shipping container accommodates a spacious bathroom which includes a walk-in shower, flushing toilet, and a sink. The tiny home also includes a compact balcony area with a table for two, as well as seating for two. It also includes a BBQ. Other amenities in the home include a rooftop terrace, which can be accessed via a spiral staircase. The terrace is adorned with a fire pit, and some seating. The River Forest Lookout runs completely off-the-grid and is equipped with a rooftop solar panel array. Water is procured from a nearby well, and it is equipped with propane-powered heating, as well as a small wood-burning stove, to keep the space warm. The tiny home is currently for rent on Airbnb, and you can check it out on there!