Turn your sleeping area into your office with this rotating furniture

If you’re living in a small space, you’d want to have furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Modular and multi-functional designs have been dominating the scene the past few years especially during the pandemic when the line between work and private life blurred all the more. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and start working from my bed, thinking maybe I should have a desk built in there or have my desk nearer to my bed for a smooth transition.

Designer: Expand Furniture

This wish comes true with the Compatto Rotating Office Murphy Bed with Desk which is literally a bed that can be turned into a working area and even a multimedia space. And when you’re ready to pack it all up at the end of the day (or the middle), you just have to fold it away, turn it all around (literally) and rest in your Murphy bed with the Queen Italian memory foam mattress.

Of course the highlight of this piece of furniture is the fact that you can quickly turn it into a workspace with a few rotations and push and pulls. The wide desk can fit in things like dual monitors, a TV screen, all-in-one iMacs, and small computers. There is also space for file storage, decorations, books, and other knick knacks. There is also adequate places and openings for all kinds of power cords and wires to power your devices.

You will have to assemble everything yourself though as this is a DIY install. But this seems to be a pretty interesting piece of furniture to have if you can manage to put everything together. I will probably have some anxious moments thinking that I will be displacing my office stuff when I’m sleeping but at least I will have a really cool bed and work station in one.