Nissan Hyper Adventure concept lets you have an eco-friendly outdoor trip

If you’re the type to go on adventurous trips but would also like to take care of the carbon footprint that you leave behind, you are lucky to live in an era where brands are also intentional about the products that they create. Having environment friendly products are now the norm if you want to score points with Mother Earth and with the eco-conscious market. The latest vehicle concept that Nissan unveiled seems to fit into this category.

Designer: Nissan

The Nissan Hyper Adventure is the second concept in the Electronic Vehicle category that they have announced and is specifically designed for those who want to go on eco-friendly outdoor adventures. The renders show a futuristic design for a vehicle that can survive going through a snowy mountain or the rainy trail in a rainforest. It is designed with the e-4ORCE all-wheel-control system so you can get to your destination safely. It also looks pretty spacious inside so you can drive comfortably and even use the vehicle as your shelter if you feel like going “camping” or sleeping outdoors.

The vehicle has a glass that integrates the roof and side windows as well as the flush surface of the back. It also has crampons or snow traction gears on the wheels and bumpers so it can drive through snowy areas. It also has a wide field of view since the instrument panel is connected to the bottom of the windshield. There is enough cargo space for things like tents, skis, and can even fit a kayak. The rear bench seat can be rotated 180 degrees so you can sit facing outside and it even has automatic extendable and retractable steps.

The Nissan Hyper Adventure comes with a large-capacity battery that can also become an energy source. It should be able to power the gadgets and equipment that you’ll use on your outdoor adventure. It also uses the V2X (vehicle-to-everything) capability so it can even power a house. It’s an interesting concept but we’ll have to wait if it becomes an actual vehicle.