The Chapeaux Light Manages To Disappear From Sight While Grabbing Your Attention

Lighting designs are no longer boring little pieces that simply illuminate your home, without adding any oomph to it. They’re not simply typically designed objects but are in fact well-designed lighting fixtures that add some sparkle and personality to your home while lighting it up. I mean, of course, they need to be functional and practical, but they also need to have some aesthetic and visual appeal. And a unique lighting design that I would recommend for your home is the Chapeaux Light!

Designer: Rodolfo Dordoni for Foscarini

Designed by the late Rodolfo Dordoni, the Chapeaux Table Lamp is deemed worthy to be part of a magic show. Produced by Foscarini, the Chapeaux Table Lamp is an enchanting and captivating lighting fixture that will grab your attention with its unique design that is built using three main parts. One of the focal features of the lamp is the transparent pyrex body which is accentuated with a cylindrical steam that widens up at both ends. The bottom section supports and stabilizes the lamp while the top embraces the hat diffuser. Once the lamp is switched on, the entire body is highlighted with pretty subtle reflections.

The second element of the lamp which is also pretty interesting is the floating light source. The floating light source was specially created by Foscarini, ensuring that it subtly conceals all the technical bits, while also providing the lamp with a simple and m minimal form. The lamp also includes a freely placed hat, which lends the design its name. The hat is placed without interlocks, and putting all these components together, it almost seems as if the lamp disappears mysteriously while also grabbing your attention.

The Chapeaux Lamp is available in three varied configurations. The most minimal design is the Chapeaux M, which features a hat reflector in metal, making it a great fit for workspaces. The Chapeaux V features coated blown glass which produces warm ambient lighting. The third configuration is the Chapeaux P which includes a bone china hat that filters light, providing the design with a subtle and delicate illumination.