Keyport – World’s 1st Universal Key Fob by Josh Downes

The new Keyport Slide is light and durable with an ultra futuristic look; created to complement your personal style and organize those jagged objects you can’t live without. Keyport integrates all the items on your personal keychain into one universal access device. Converting to Keyport is as simple as having each of your keys copied to a compatible blank and attached to the internal slider apparatus. By simply depressing the buttons on either side of the shell you can slide each of your keys as they click into place for use.

Designer: Josh Downes


  • Mike Rockett says:

    This is an excellent idea that needs to happen, id love one of these.

    • Caleb says:

      I will agree this is an awesome idea but it’s also got one flaw
      if you lose that you lose all your keys
      so it has it’s ups and downs

  • Brett Michaels says:

    This looks like a hit. I could so use this on tour! Please send me more info. When is this product going live?

  • wow. Josh this is fantastic to see on this site.

    i did the renderings and the final model. contact me if you want to see an idea before its real.

  • Ytse says:

    This thing looks sweet. Some car keys might be a problem, but house keys, padlock keys, etc. would probably work great!

  • diggyou says:

    This is not a new idea really, and it would be hard to get your own keys to fit. Imagine trying to get the right key out. Looks cool, but not something many would buy.

    • Strider says:

      I guess you didn’t read the part about transferring your keys to an appropriate blank. There really is no problem here, great idea.

  • flashman says:

    Looks great, but it’s a case of backward innovation. Most of us have keys already… our fingers. We should be innovating locks that our fingerprints can open. I know this has already been done, but it’s not widely used by the general consumer.

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