CD-inspired Swipe bag brings aughts nostalgia to your arm

Over the past years, we’ve seen a lot of “old” things becoming hip again. For young ones who weren’t even born when certain fashion items became popular back then, they found these things to be cool and cute. Even gadgets and devices from the 90s and aughts are enjoying a resurgence, even though the current purpose is much more different than the original. We’re seeing items designed like cassette tapes, vinyl players, and now, even the classic CD player has been repurposed.

Desginer: Coperni

The Parisian designer label Coperni has looked to the aughts for design inspiration for their latest Swipe bag iteration. The CD-PLAYER Swipe bag looks just like the silver metallic CD players that became popular back then when we still had CDs to play our music. But this one won’t be able to bring your old Britney Spears CD to musical life even though the bag does come with wired headphones.

The handbag has the faux CD player as its main body with a metallic plated handle so you can carry it around. There are also realistic looking buttons and a small display to really make it look like the CD player, although what these buttons do remains to be seen. And as mentioned, it comes with wired headphones to complete your retro look. But it also is not clear what the headphones are for.

The bag also has a USB-C-chargeable battery so maybe there is indeed a music component that will be revealed. My main concern though is what can actually fit in the bag since the CD player compartment is pretty small. But those who have been using the iconic Coperni Swipe bags are those that can fit everything they need in tiny purses anyway.