LEGO meets Mario with this retro and iconic Super Mario Piranha Plant

I am a huge fan of Legos in the sense that I like looking at the finished products, especially if they’re pop culture-related. But I basically don’t have the patience to put those elaborate sets together so I actually am not tempted to buy any of these sets (aside from the fact that they can be really expensive). But I do like seeing videos of how they’re put together or looking at pictures of what it looks like upon its final build. If you’re a Super Mario fan, this upcoming new product to add to the LEGO Super Mario sets may be of interest, or for people like me, may be of interest to read about.

Designer: LEGO

The LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant is made up of 540 pieces and when put together, you get exactly what its name says. The sharp-toothed Piranha Plant is one of the most annoying things you can get when you’re playing the game. Now you can commemorate this “villain” by putting together the LEGO set which is also camera-ready since you want to show off that you were able to finish this masterpiece.

The plant has most of the details and chracteristics that you see in the game, including spiky leaves, the polka-dot head, and the green pipe from which it grows. You even get two gold coins as well similar to the game and you can store it in the pipe. Once you finish it, it’s perfect for displaying in your desk, bookshelf, or if you’re a serious LEGO collector, add it to your display case. It’s just 9 inches in height so it won’t take up much space.

The LEGO Piranha Plant will be available this coming November and is priced at $59.99. It’s pretty affordable compared to the more elaborate hundreds or even thousands of dollar sets that LEGO has released. You can add it to other Super Mario themed sets like The Mighty Bowser and the Super Mario 64 Block.