Boschert B300 Gullwing is a classic remake that entices car mod enthusiasts

In the world of automotive remakes, there are classics, and then there are those rare gems that redefine what a classic can be. The Boschert B300 Gullwing falls squarely into the latter category. This remarkable creation embodies the dreams and ingenuity of its creator, making the ride a desirable creation for car mod aficionados.

So, what makes the Boschert B300 Gullwing such a standout in the sea of customized vehicles out there? Well, it all starts with the base—a 1988 Mercedes 300CE. At first glance, you might mistake it for the modernized DeLorean. The unassuming Mercedes-Benz has undergone a transformation that takes it from the mundane to the extraordinary realm.

Designer: RM Sothebys

The most eye-catching feature of the modded B300 is its gullwing doors. These iconic doors harken back to the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300SL, adding an air of sophistication and intrigue to this unique creation. They’re not just for show; they’re fully functional and serve as a captivating entry point to the driver’s seat. Under the hood, the B300 retains its Mercedes-Benz heart, which has been tuned and enhanced to unleash its full potential.

Considerable reengineering efforts were dedicated to this bespoke vehicle. The initial doors of the donor car were carefully removed, necessitating a forward movement of the C-pillar by 9.9 inches (25 cm) to accommodate the installation of the new roof-hinged gullwing doors. These doors, impressively large, offer simultaneous access to both the front and rear seats. Additionally, 9.9 inches were skillfully trimmed from the rear overhang to enhance the vehicle’s road-handling capabilities. Furthermore, the sills were repositioned and the unibody was substantially reinforced.

A striking touch is the grafting of the front end of a Mercedes R129-generation SL onto the vehicle’s front. These structural modifications are substantial, and it’s evident that Zagato played a significant role in the design and execution. The final result is so refined that it could easily be mistaken for a creation from Mercedes themselves. Inside, the B300 maintains a classic vibe while incorporating modern conveniences. The cabin is a tasteful blend of vintage charm and contemporary luxury, creating a comfortable and stylish environment for the driver and passengers.

What truly sets the Boschert B300 Gullwing apart is its exclusivity. This one-off creation will be a prized possession for those dreaming of owning a piece of automotive history, that dream might soon become a reality. The Boschert B300 Gullwing is set to go under the hammer at an upcoming auction in November for an expected price of €250,000-300,000 ($265-318k) – about a tenth of the price of a real 300SL Gullwing.