DeLorean E mashes up past with the future as a cool eye candy electric vehicle

One glance at this DeLorean EV and I know the past is back, reshaping the future. The two-seater ride has a windshield that opens up completely to the back, giving access to the vehicle, and probably the only entry point to the inside cabin. Yes, it indeed has no gull-winged doors like the classic one!

The DeLorean Motor Company has had its set of controversies, and some even label it as a flawed icon. The first DMC DeLorean rolled out of the production lines in 1980 and just a year later the production was halted with only 9,000 cars seeing the light of day. Presently only around 6,500 DeLoreans are on the road and a clean one carries a value of around $35,000 – $45,000. The chunk of its popularity is attributed to the “Back to the Future” franchise which in itself is a cult favorite movie. There are speculations since long that the classic sports car will make a comeback, and all automotive fans are eagerly waiting for the modern avatar of a car that deserved more than it got!

This concept rendering by transportation designer Onkar H takes a dig at what a DeLorean of the future will be like. Of course, it has to be electric to stand a chance of longevity in the closely contested automotive market that’s going through a metamorphosis for an electric vehicle-dominated near future. An electric DeLorean E powered by 4 high-performance motors and a mid-mounted battery pack is what the passionate fans will take with both hands. After all, it kills two birds with one stone – owning a classic piece of history that doesn’t sound alienated in the EV landscape.

Rightly called the DeLorean E, the two-seater electric avatar of the iconic car is a mashup of the Cybertruck influenced color theme and the modernized edgy lines of the DeLorean. There’s an array of cool LED headlights on the front section and a matrix of taillights bringing in the EV vibe that I liked very much. The windshield is more panoramic now, extending to the roof minus the pillars for an airier feel inside. The hood gets a streamlined geometric pattern to go with the overall flowing character of the vehicle. Overall boxy styling and smooth silhouette of the original DeLorean have been preserved to maintain the nostalgic element. Onkar imagines the DeLorean E in metallic silver and cool blue color variants – I absolutely love that Gen-Z feels of it!

Designer: Onkar H