A Safer Smoking Haven

We take a neutral stand on the cancer sticks, and appreciate this Air Wall Isolation Smoking Area concept. The design blurs the lines between designated smoking rooms and second-hand smoking in public places. It allows smokers to be a part of the space and yet be differentiated without compromising on any other person’s health.

Designers: Jia-Le Yao, Qi-Ming Li, Hui Shu & Cheng-Chen Zhang


  • Funny to see Swiss Train car in your first illustration 😉

  • Hosein jondi says:

    In the name of GOD

    hello management of yanko design

    My name is Hossein Jondi.I am from Iran Tabriz.I am an industrial engineer.

    I wanted to help me to complete my knowledge.

    I would be grateful if you give me comprhensive information about safer smoking haven’s components and Instructions.

    I would appreciate if you answer me.

    In the hope of better cooperation

    Hossein Jondi

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