Porsche Design Moccasins Shoe by Ferdinand Porsche

When in 1977, Ferdinand A. Porsche was commissioned by Rossi Moda to design his first shoe, his basic idea was to create a professional aodriver’s footweara, which led to the use of especially flexible leather and a sole that extended over the toe and heel. In the new collection, the functionality of the original concept has been further refined in numerous details, such as the optimisation of the asymmetrical soles.

The shoe has been studied in all its aspects.The foot rests on an anatomic and orthopaedic arch support (fusbet) made of mixed microporous rubber, whose qualities of elasticity, flexibility and lightness contribute to the highly comfortable fit of the shoe. Perforations ensure a correct transpiration. The surface in touch with the foot is lined with very soft leather to guarantee the maximum comfort.

The sole
When driving a car, the right foot works in a different way than the left one. The quality that more than anything else makes this shoe unique, is the exclusive projection of the soles, designed with different profiles in order to optimize the use of pedals during driving. The right sole has a series of splines (stabilizing element) to improve the hold on the pedals and to enable a faster passing of the foot from the gas pedal to the brake, ensuring an optimum support to the heel.

The classic line is combined with high-quality leathers, such as soft calf and suede. When working a natural material such as leather, the master touch of man makes the difference in quality. For this reason high technology is combined with the careful handicraft of the artisans of Veneto considered to be, for many generations, masters of a tradition renowned and appreciated in the whole world. The result is a shoe of the highest quality, which combines the sporty elegance of the classic line with lightness and comfort.

Designer: Ferdinand Porsche

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