Mixed reality headset can teach kids about safety training

I don’t remember any safety education classes from my elementary or even my high school days. Or if there were, we probably had to learn through videos or through posters and so maybe that’s why I forgot we even had them. Kids these days are lucky as we have different kinds of technology to help them learn about all kinds of safety lessons through virtual reality and mixed reality.

Designers: Minjeong Kim, Yunseo jong, ju hwan lee, mingyeong choi, yujin jeong, minji sung, and Chaeeun Lee

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These designers came up with a concept for a mixed reality device to help students learn about disaster safety through a virtual and hands on approach. Edi is a MR device that looks like your typical VR headset but has a softer look so kids will be comfortable using it when learning. It has lighting and speakers at the bottom to give a complete experience for the user and there is even a vent for heat generation. There is a light at the top to check the battery level and the strap uses flexible fabric so the wearer will feel comfortable especially if it’s used for a longer period of time. There is also a dial to adjust the fit of the MR headset.

There is also a dial that is able to show the eyes of the user if the teacher needs to communicate with the students directly or if they need to see other users as well. The UI that the user will see when they use it is pretty simple since this is primarily for kids to use (although kids these days are much more tech savvy than most grown ups). They can choose their profile characters and enter their name and age for personalization. There are different safety training manuals and they include missions, quizes, and the actual practical course. There also seems to be a gamification function which kids should enjoy more than just taking straightforward lessons and tests.


Up to five people can participate in the training session since it’s better to learn in a group. The Edi MR headset has three different colorways: white, blue, and green. This seems to be a pretty interesting concept although there needs to be more distinguishing features from the usual VR or MR headset.

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