This Cyberpunk-ish desk clock is your expanded widget platform for peak productivity

Desk gadgets are a staple for a geeky setup, adding flair and functionality at the same time. You can get yourself a Nixie clock, gadget hub, or cool bias lighting to set up a unique theme. All that, however, can’t match the finesse of this Cyberpunk-ish digital clock that doubles as a widget platform.

This is Time Gate, a desk clock that’s a whole lot more when it comes to bringing all your preferred notifications and widgets in a unified interface that in no way causes distraction. The gadget has five separate screen interfaces to bring important widgets out of the desk display and onto a cool clock interface.

Designer: Divoom

Keeping with the theme, Divoom has deliberately pixelated the interface of each of these 128×128 pixel LCD screens. The digital clock has an expanded sense of realism as you can put up all your favorite assistants and dials in your peripheral view. Things like weather updates, calendars, reminders, stock market updates, social media followers, music player control and countless more. The desk clock interface can be customized via the companion app which also gives the liberty to create custom texts and animated graphics to reflect your mood.

Geeks are also gamers, so Divoom has included the option to display game elements like the number of kills in an FPS or the graph of achievements in a particular gaming session. To match the industrial looks, the gadget gets dual-edge ambient light and customizable backlight options with 12 cool light effects to build up the atmosphere.

Most of all if you want to tone down everything with minimum or no distractions, each of these displays turns into a Nixie clock interface. The current time is displayed just like any other digital clock if you want to. All this comes at a price tag of $150 which is not budget-friendly for the functionality you’ll get, but surely a must-have for a gadget freak.