This Steampunk-Looking Gumball Machine from LOTTE Will Also Play Music for You

LOTTE chewing gum holds a special place in the hearts of many South Koreans, serving as more than just a minty delight. Its history is intertwined with the nation’s past, offering solace during the challenging aftermath of the 1960s war. While the candy itself has remained a cultural icon, the LOTTE brand has imprinted itself on South Koreans in an indelible way, etched into memory through a memorable TV commercial jingle that resonates with modern consumers even today. Enter the XYLITOL Music Box, a cleverly designed device that blends the humble chewing gumball dispenser with the nostalgic sound of the LOTTE theme.

Designed as a tabletop device, the XYLITOL is an entirely mechanical masterpiece that has a multi-sensorial appeal. It’s beautiful to look at, with an intricate, transparent & chrome design. Rotate the key at the bottom and the machine dispenses one singular ball of gum while playing the iconic LOTTE theme. The result is also an auditory and gustatory experience that ends with the sweet taste of candy!

Designer: LOTTE Corporation, Design and Management Center

Inspired by the sleek contours of XYLITOL chewing gum, the XYLITOL Music Box is a visual masterpiece. Its exterior radiates simplicity and minimalism, while a transparent cover unveils an intricately detailed structure, a delicate dance of gears and components that captivates the eye. The craftsmanship behind this device borders on something you’d expect from a Swiss horologist, with mechanical interactions that work like literal clockwork to deliver your sweet treat.

But don’t let its intricate steampunk-ish design fool you; the XYLITOL Music Box is user-friendly to the core. A simple turn of the bottom handle sets the music box in motion, delivering not just sweet tunes but also a chewy delight. For those moments when you prefer to savor the gum without the fanfare, a convenient dispensing lever is at your fingertips, letting you simply push to dispense a piece of gum… but honestly, where’s the fun in that?!

The XYLITOL Music Box is a Winner of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept for the year 2023.