LEGO Antique Chandelier is a gold chrome-plated fixture with 8 LEGO candles

Looking remarkably like something from an old Victorian mansion, the LEGO Antique Chandelier pays tribute to the decorative lighting fixture with a near-realistic representation of the luxurious light. The Antique Chandelier measures 16 inches long, weighing a whopping 17.8 ounces or half a kilogram. It doesn’t light up, regrettably, but that was a trade-off on LEGO builder DallasBricks’ part to ensure the chandelier looks exactly like its inspiration.

Designer: DallasBricks

The LEGO Antique Chandelier is DallasBricks’ submission to the LEGO Ideas forum, a public site where LEGO fans build out their own creations and vote on the best fan-made projects.

The LEGO Antique Chandelier comes together using a variety of gold chrome-plated bricks to allow it to shimmer when there’s a light-source nearby. The chandelier comprises of 8 candles around the rim and one light piece at the bottom. The candles themselves use LEGO pillar bricks with the ‘capital’ on the top resembling melting wax! The candles are finally capped with transparent orange egg-shaped bricks that look like flames.

Other decorative elements on the Antique Chandelier include ornamental chains that connect the main body to each candle arm, along with ‘crystal’ pieces used all around to help scatter light and create the shimmering effect associated with chandeliers.

The chandelier, sadly, doesn’t light up. “I’m sorry about that feature missing, which is important for a chandelier, but I thought making an engine to make it work would have been too big, and this means not suitable for the set,” said LEGO builder DallasBricks.

At 17.8 ounces, the 16-inch Antique Chandelier is a little too heavy to be mounted within most LEGO constructions unless you opt for the ‘illegal’ method of trapping the upper hub of the chandelier between two blocks. While that isn’t traditional (and most LEGO purists would undeniably object to it), it’s pretty much the only way of securing this Antique Chandelier to a LEGO build given the fact that a traditional press-fit wouldn’t be able to hold the chandelier’s overall weight. The chandelier itself holds together thanks to a “hose rigid”, (75c47 piece), almost the same height as the chandelier itself, connecting the whole inner structure in a way that uses mechanical friction to keep the entire unit together.