The Best Dog Beds Ever Are Made Using Fabrics Found At The MoMA & Guggenheim

As much as I love spending time with my own cats, I’m honestly running out of ways to keep them entertained and prevent them from knocking down an item or two in my home, out of sheer boredom. If you’re pretty much in the same precarious situation as me and are always looking for new ways to keep your pet entertained, comfortable, and happy, then I may have a new product for you. Sorry cat owners, but this one is just for the doggos – the Kanto x Kvadrat Dog Beds!

Designer: Kanto x Kvadrat

One look at these super cozy and comfy dog beds, and I have half a mind to jump into them myself! But what sets these adorable dog beds completely apart is the materials that were used to create them! Designed by Finland-based studio Kanto in collaboration with Kvadrat, whose fabrics are found in the world’s most famous and iconic institutions (the MoMA and Guggenheim), these dog beds are truly stylish and elegant. These beds are designed to promote canine well-being, providing them with comfort, without clashing with the surrounding interior design of the home.

The Kanto x Kvadrat Collection consists of two sophisticated designs – Luoto and Oksa. Luoto is a supportive circular bed that is ideal for long napping sessions, while Oksa features a more traditional design, which is still great for long naps as well! Luoto and Oksa are wrapped in Kvadrat’s deadstock fabrics, signifying the studio’s dedicated commitment to sustainability and excellent standards for design.

The fabrics are created using natural fibers to prevent any allergic reactions. They also scored 45,000 or more on the Martindale test hence proving their extreme durability. The dog beds are available in neutral and warm tones such as olive green, butter yellow, rusty maroon, soft beige, and navy blue. The color options are soothing and complementary to different kinds of interior spaces. The entire collection was designed with special care and consideration to ensure that the pieces harmoniously merge with varied interior styles without infringing on them and proving to be a complete eyesore. So, you can pick the one that suits your mood, vibe, and home!