Citroën Type Holidays is a reinvented camper van with pop-up roof, convertible bed and a kitchenette

Europe’s motorhome market is set to witness a thrilling transformation as Citroën, the iconic French automaker, reveals the Type Holidays concept, inspired by the legendary Type H. Citroën’s bold step into the converted camper van market is no small feat: Currently holding the position of the second-largest supplier of motorhome-based vehicles in Europe, the automaker is ready to dazzle the world with its Type Holiday camper van.

The Type Holidays is a tribute to the iconic Type H, a vehicle that pushed the boundaries of alternative travel. Based on the versatile Citroën SpaceTourer, this masterpiece offers an array of comfort and clever features that even the most discerning travelers would appreciate. The mobile home boasts a pop-up roof, perfect for those moments when you need to stand tall. When it’s time to rest, the seating within transforms into a spacious bed, accommodating two for a night of stargazing.

Designer: Citroën

Citroën’s partnership with the esteemed Italian coachbuilder Caselani has resulted in this camper van design that pays homage to the classic Type H, sporting a retro exterior and interior that are sure to turn heads. The Type Holidays teaser showcases a blend of heritage and modernity with its unique grey color, a nod to the Type H.

You don’t get a lot of fancy stuff on the outside, but a peep inside the Type Holidays bedazzles with the range of versatility and design for a new lifestyle.

A two-row bench that converts into a bed by night, can be removed to create additional storage space for all your adventure essentials. A fold-down table offers a cozy spot for dining or working on the road, while numerous cupboards around the space keep your belongings neatly organized.

To complete the picture, two front seats swivel around to face the living area, ensuring that no moment of your journey is wasted. Type Holidays boasts a heating system that would keep the interior at the perfect temperature no matter where you roam, while you cook savory meals in the kitchenette provided with a cooking area, sink, and fridge.

Citroën’s Type Holidays stands as a testament to innovation, comfort, and the enduring spirit of exploration in the modern-day van home. So, if want to embark on a memorable journey to a site where you can plug the camper van for utilities; the Type Holidays promises a level of freedom and style that won’t leave you disappointed.