MagSafe Battery Pack with a Ring Light for Smartphone Photography might just be the Most Brilliant Idea of 2023

Moonside’s new MagLight battery pack won’t just supercharge your smartphone… it’ll supercharge your photography game too.

I’ve honestly always wondered why nobody designed a smartphone case or a MagSafe accessory that had a built-in ring light for elevated selfies and smartphone photos. The flash on your phone is the worst possible light-source for great, natural-looking, well-lit photographs, and the idea of separately carrying a light around hasn’t particularly made sense to me either. It seems like the folks at Moonside were pretty much on the same page, leading to the genesis of the MagLight – arguably the world’s first MagSafe power bank with a built-in RGB light strip that you can remotely customize. A 4000mAh battery powers the lights as well as charges your phone, and the dynamic LED strips can be used with both your primary or front-facing camera, giving you dramatically better photos in low-light conditions. Moreover, for Android users, the MagLight comes with its own magnetic stickers that attach to any smartphone, making them MagSafe compatible.

Designer: ZK Wong

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Lighting seems to be the one thing Moonside does incredibly well, although with the MagLight, they’re firmly placing themselves in the tech accessory domain too. The MagLight isn’t like any of the other lights they’ve made. The company’s had a strong focus on indoor ambient lights up until now, and as a Moonside Lighthouse owner myself (bought it two years ago), it’s easily my favorite bedside accessory ever… but with the MagLight, Moonside wants to make their vivid lighting solutions more portable.

The MagLight looks just like Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack, but houses 67 LEDs split into front and back areas for all-around lighting. Snap the battery pack on and your iPhone’s camera gets a stellar companion in the form of bright custom lighting (680 lumens) that you can use in a variety of creative ways. A primary ring light faces outwards, upgrading photos taken from your phone’s main camera, but rotate the MagLight 90° and a small LED strip on the inside faces you, letting you click well-lit selfies too. Moreover, you could just pop the MagLight off and use it as a standalone lighting unit that works remarkably better than your phone’s godawful flash.

Snaps to Any Metal Surfaces – Armed with strong N52 neodymium magnets.

Dynamic Color Zone & Effect – The 67 LEDs can be controlled in a variety of ways.

High Brightness & Color Accuracy – With customizable color temperature and brightness settings, this device puts the power of lighting control in your hands.

Front & Back Lighting – The World’s first camera light that features dual-sided lighting.

Animated Lighting Effects – Customize your own lighting effects to suit your specific needs.

Group Lighting Effects – Synchronize multiple MagLights to create captivating group lighting effects.

The 67 LEDs can be controlled in a variety of ways. Moonside’s app allows you to individually address each LED, adjusting the overall brightness and choosing from 16 million colors, or from the different themes and patterns available on the app. Traditionally, the lights can be used in warm and cool white settings for better selfies (i.e. like a flash, but more natural and soft), or in vibrant colors for more artistic vivid photos. You can use the lights for long-exposure light painting if you’re a more advanced photographer, or even have the lights blinking/changing to music for a concert-like feeling wherever you are. And you can still charge your phone on the side. Moreover, the MagLight has an identity beyond being a phone accessory too. It can be used as a torch or ambient light at home, and Moonside even offers smart-home integrations that let you use your MagLight as a smart lamp whenever you need.

Wireless Charger Power Bank – This wireless charger of MagLight is compatible with both MagSafe and Qi2 and can output a reliable 15W of power.

Ultimately, the MagLight is also a really good power bank. Measuring just 14mm (0.5 inches) and armed with strong N52 neodymium magnets, the MagLight snaps onto the back of your MagSafe iPhone (or any other phone with a magnetic ring attachment) and instantly begins wirelessly charging it. The Qi2-compatible charger outputs a solid 15W of power, while a 4000mAh Li-ion battery gives your smartphone battery a full charge… or gives the LED lamps a stunning 6 hours of use even at 80% LED brightness.

MagFlip – Not only does it serve as a phone stand, but it also transforms your MagLight into a smart lamp.

As a bedside smart lamp.

MagPod – A sleek aluminum MagSafe-compatible adapter that comes with an adjustable tripod designed for your MagLight and MagSafe phone.

The idea of a MagLight is just a winner by virtue of the fact that it’s a product with a very strong need that nobody really fulfilled. The power bank is great, but adding a light to it is just *chef’s kiss*. Moonside also sells a bunch of accessories for the MagLight, like the MagFlip, a fold-out stand that you can sandwich between your phone and the MagLight and use as a kickstand for your device (or even use with just the MagLight as a stand for the light). For the more creatively inclined, the MagPod is a tripod that attaches between the MagLight and your iPhone, giving you the perfect stable setup for photos, videos, and livestreams. The MagLight starts at a sizeably discounted HK$610 ($78 USD) for limited early bird buyers, or you could grab the creative bundle for HK$810 ($103 USD) which also includes the MagPod and MagFlip accessories. The MagLight ships globally starting in October, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $75 $119 (37% off). Hurry, only 9/50 left!