This Hyper-Customizable Desk is like if Minecraft met Furniture Design

As we transitioned to a WFH lifestyle, I remember spending days online scrolling through e-commerce websites to just look for the right work desk. All the desks were either too narrow, or had the wrong height, or put cabinets and shelves in the wrong places. It took me nearly a week to finally come across what I thought was the ideal work desk – an L-shaped table that fit perfectly into my study room… and then I got evicted. I found a new flat, but my new study room couldn’t accommodate the desk the way I needed it. It was pretty much back to square one. If only something like the Den Desk existed back in the day, I wouldn’t have had any problems.

Designer: Den

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The Den Desk adopts an IKEA-like DIY approach to furniture, but takes things one step further. Each desk comes flat-packed and can be assembled easily, but unlike IKEA’s furniture, the desks can be customized and joined together to form limitless combinations. The desks are endlessly modular, have a tool-less assembly, and are also covered by a lifetime warranty, which means you can use them forever and carry them with you as you shift homes, simply adjusting and re-building them to fit your new spaces… and that’s pretty much the open ideology the folks at Den are trying to champion. Their desks encourage the creation of any kind of office space, whether it’s a home office, an open office, or a cubicle office. The desks are endlessly adjustable and cater to your exact needs and requirements.

The beauty of Den’s furniture is that it’s designed around principles of hyper-modularity, like LEGO and Minecraft. You can build a regular desk, or merge two together, or even have one overlapping on top of a cabinet. The desk doesn’t really come with a set of rigid guidelines or user manuals – instead, you can either order the desk online or order its separate parts individually and put them together however you see fit. Moreover, the folks at Den also offer a variety of color customization options, allowing you to choose the wood-grain finish on your tabletop as well as opt between black or white powder-coated aluminum legs and panels.

The modular desk comes with a furniture-grade Baltic Birch plywood top, which plugs right into the two powder-coated aluminum side legs. You can add a privacy panel for structural support on the front if you’re building a standalone table, or retain the desk’s minimalistic touch without the pane if you’re making more complex arrangements and connections. Components securely attach to each other relying on clever metal fixtures and thumb screws that let you assemble and disassemble your desk at any time without any tools necessary. You can even attach any of Den’s accessories to your desk like headphone hooks, bag holders, and monitor mounts to personalize your workspace further. This also encourages you to build the desk you want rather than settling for the desk that’s in the catalog. It’s time to build that Megadesk, Dwight!

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,620 $1800 (10% off with coupon code “YANKO10”). Hurry, deal ends in 72 hours!