OPPO Watch 4 Pro unveiled with real-time blood-glucose tracking to dethrone the Apple Watch Ultra

I’m not saying that the OPPO Watch 4 Pro can entirely replace the Apple Watch Ultra… but just on looks alone, that curved display is enough to make one’s heart go aflutter. The curved profile integrates wonderfully with the curve of your wrist, creating a watch that has mass but doesn’t look like it does. The Watch Ultra, on the other hand, feels like a titanium box attached to your wrist. Moreover, the OPPO Watch 4 Pro comes with a few impressive tricks up its sleeve.

Announced alongside the Find N3 Flip smartphone, the Watch 4 Pro is OPPO’s latest flagship wearable. It features a 1.91-inch LTPO curved AMOLED screen embedded within a stainless steel case and a ceramic baseplate below. Running on the inside, the watch’s OS offers more than 200 practical widgets, has support for GPS, tracks over 100 sports, and has a comprehensive health-tracking setup that measures ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen, wrist temperature, blood vessel age, sleep patterns, and stress levels. Moreover, the smartwatch can reportedly also monitor your blood sugar level in real-time using non-invasive tracking – a game-changing feature that, if done right, can radically alter the landscape of wearables. All this and the Watch 4 Pro still reportedly has a battery life of nearly 14 days with light usage (or that’s what Oppo has us believe) and comes with support for devices running on Android 8 and higher or iOS 13 or above.

Designer: Oppo

Keen observers will notice a slight difference in the Watch 4 Pro’s design – namely in the form of flatter sides and a more pronounced button and crown on the side (and even visible lugs on the top and bottom). The highlight of the watch, however, remains its “Micro-Arc” curved display that cascades across your wrist, creating a sleek appearance that’s just a pleasure to look at and interact with. The AMOLED display offers 378 x 496 resolution (326 PPI) and boasts an always-on feature.

Two chipsets power the watch – a Snapdragon W5 SoC for heavier tasks, and a BES 2700 chip for less intensive tasks. This clever balance between the two chips helps the Watch 4 Pro boast of its wild two-week battery life (which charges in just 65 minutes). You’ve also got built-in Bluetooth 5.0, eSIM support, NFC, and Gesture control… although there seems to be a deliberate exclusion of WiFi as a feature.

The Watch 4 Pro’s standout feature remains its reported ability to measure blood glucose levels in real-time. Designed to perform it non-invasively, this feature could render ‘pin-prick’ blood sugar tests completely obsolete, helping over 400 million people who suffer from diabetes. The Watch 4 Pro combines this with blood oxygen measurements (SpO2), heart rate metrics, ECG, sleep quality analysis, and stress-gauging to give you a comprehensive look at your health and lifestyle. Alongside these features, the Watch 4 Pro also provides users with access to over 100 sports modes (with professional-level tracking for pro users).

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro will be available in Polar Night Black (Silicon) and Dawn Brown (Leather) variants, with a China-only release for now. Enthusiasts can pre-order their Watch 4 Pro at a discounted 2,199 Yuan ($302) for the silicon variant and 2,399 Yuan ($329) for the leather variant on Oppo’s website for a limited time.