Happily Nailed To The Wall

Do you have unsightly nails sticking out of your walls? You generally don’t but for argument’s sake, if you did….would you let it be there like an eyesore or cover it up with a happy face Nail Cap? Pulling it out can be an option; but imagine capped nails delightfully doubling up as pegs to hang your keys and stuff. How Kitsch!

Designer: Jung-Woo Lee for Ek Design

Nail Cap by Jung-Woo Lee for Ek Design




  • Felix says:

    The length of the product is different in the renders and the section. The section looks much more realistic – if the nail sticks to far from the wall you need to find a really long nail, and things hanging on it will have too much leverage and pull it out. The designer also doesn’t seem to have decided whether it has an angled base or not.

    I like this product. I think he needs to think a little more about what surfaces it would go into. You can’t just bang a nail into a stud wall and expect it to hold anything.

    • Sandy says:

      true, I totally agree with that

    • Quinners says:

      I imagine the nail in the top rendering is how to product is offered and then the user can cut to size/angle. really cool idea! it might not cover the wall plug though, if used with a screw instead of nail.

    • Hartigan says:

      You are just a ball-ache without perspective.
      What are you doing on a design Web anyway?
      Sincerely M.

  • wowt says:

    would work better with screws. Nails won’t hold.

  • DesignHey says:

    interesting design

  • interesting !
    That s true that the user has the freedom to cut it to ajust, so no problem of length 😉
    Good job 😉

  • Robert says:

    I saw a similar one in our local tool shop without that smily face, thats cute though.

  • Haytham says:


  • Dayanara says:

    Superb information here, ol’e chap; keep burning the mdniight oil.

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