The Getaway Duffle is made to travel in literally any weather

Outwardly, the Getaway Duffle by Articulate looks like any other duffle bag, but take a closer look and you’ll notice that its classic styling hides a whole slew of features that make the Getaway a modern classic. For starters, its wax-coated canvas cladding and YKK zippers ensure that the Getaway adheres to the highest levels of durability, and can withstand rough use as well as rough weather. The waxed canvas is naturally hydrophobic, is scratch + stain resistant, doesn’t fade, and keeps dust and sand out too, while the YKK zippers have a reputation that speaks for itself.

The Getaway Duffle comes with a compact and collapsible design that can be easily carried around when empty. When opened out, the Duffle can hold a weekend’s worth of clothes… but that’s not all. It even comes with its own set of items and features that take the pressure of packing and unpacking off the mind. Each Getaway comes with its own super-absorbent microfiber towel (so that you never have to rely on hotel towels) that comes flat-packed right inside the bag. The quick-drying towel can be carried to the beach, gym, or even on getaways, and eliminates the need to separately pack a bulky towel, or rely on second-hand towels. The Getaway also comes with a sidekick bag for soiled clothes, and a dedicated set of zips and pouches for your toiletries. On the side, the Getaway even packs a dedicated slot for shoes, allowing you to carry an additional pair of footwear (whether on holiday, at the gym, or on the grounds for training) in a pouch that’s separated from your clothes and other items.

Built for that weekend (or even weekday) getaway, the duffle even includes interchangeable straps that let you carry it like a handbag, a sling, or a backpack. Available in three classic colors, the Getaway is designed to be the perfect companion on any of your trips. Take it to the office, the gym, the playground, the airport, the beach, take it through rain, blizzard, a sandstorm even… the Getaway remains unaffected and sticks to fulfilling its one true purpose. Being the one all-purpose bag that is physically equipped to travel everywhere you go.

Designer: Kevin Barth

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The Getaway Duffle by Articulate is crafted from water-resistant waxed canvas. This versatile construction offers easy packing compartments with 10+ features.

Built for that weekend (or even weekday) getaway, the duffle even includes interchangeable straps that let you carry it like a handbag, a sling, or a backpack. Whether you are an avid snow seeker, frequent camper, or just going on a quick business trip. This bag gets away with you & you get away with one bag for all your adventures.

The Side Kick, which comes with the Getaway Duffle Bag, is a small washable bag to separate the sweaty and smelly items from creeping into your clean items.

It also comes with a Super Absorbent Quick Dry Microfiber Towel (that has many different potential usages from the beach to the bathroom).

Canvas is an extremely heavy-duty woven fabric used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks and in here it is the Getaway Duffle. The waxed canvas fabric is a waterproof, eco-friendly fabric that manages to avoid the “sporty” aesthetic look that most performance fabrics tend to possess. This fabric is made from canvas that has been treated with wax for the purpose of creating a water-resistant textile.

Three Ways to Carry …

In your hand …

On your shoulder …

As a Backpack.

Separate pocket for shoes (blocks odor from rest of items).

16″ inside zipper to hold toiletries.

Side wall organizer compartments.

Large Capacity.

Secure button for outside pocket.

Compact and Collapsable.

YKK ZIPPERS (Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha) – YKK makes incredibly dependable zippers.

Colors: All Black, Black & Beige, Charcoal & Beige and Khaki & Beige.

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