TECNO Camon 20 Mr Doodle Edition adds a touch of artistic whimsy to a serious smartphone

Smartphones have finally matured enough to the point that they’re no longer mere consumer electronic devices. They have become part of our lifestyles and are sometimes even extensions of ourselves, both in the way we interact with each other but also in how we express ourselves. While most owners are content with slapping on cases or sticking skins that reflect their interests, others are more interested in having their naked mobile phones themselves be that mirror of their personalities. There are plenty of manufacturers that wax philosophical about the intricate designs of their phones, but only a handful actually turn their products into designer pieces. That’s the kind of difference that TECNO’s latest edition is trying to make, bringing a frenzy of doodles that will definitely make your phone stand out, especially at night.

Designer: TECNO Mobile

The very word “doodle” itself evokes ideas of fun and unbridled creativity, describing both seemingly chaotic scribbles as well as carefully thought-out compositions. In modern times, Mr Doodle, a.k.a. Sam Cox, has established his name as one of the leading artists that are elevating doodles to the next level, espousing a philosophy to leave no blank undoodled. Apparently, that also means the often blank space that is the back of your phone, which the TECNO Camon 20 Mr Doodle Edition now fills with almost inscrutable lines that seem to make the device jump to life.

Mr Doodle is best known for his complex and intricate doodles that look more like mazes, which is exactly what the back of this Camon 20 edition phones look like, whether you view it from afar or up close. There are also matching Android system and always-on display (AOD) themes that turn your phone screen into a doodle-filled art canvas, and the box itself is a work of art that you’ll want to keep around for as long as possible (reducing trash in the long run). That, however, isn’t the only trick up the phone’s sleeve as it comes to life in the dark of night.

TECNO is calling it “moon phase color changing technology,” though most will probably know it by its more common “luminescent” property. The cyan lines practically soak in light during the day and then release it as an otherworldly glow in the dark. It won’t last long, of course, but it should be enough to give you your 15 minutes of fame while it lasts.

Unfortunately, this color-changing property is limited only to the Night variant of the two, with the Day model sporting the brand’s new “Deconstructionist Design” that employs geometric shapes to add visual interest to the back of the phone. Mind you, these are beautiful phones as well, demonstrating TECNO’s commitment to catering to a market of phone users with growing sophistication in aesthetic tastes.