Build Your Own LEGO Book Nook That Opens Up Into This Gorgeous Diorama

Designed to hide a miniature universe in the small gap between two books on a crowded bookshelf, Book Nooks are all the rage on Instagram and TikTok. Book Nooks are these three-finger-thick mini DIY sculptures that fit in the gaps in your bookshelf, filling them up with tiny, whimsical worlds. Adding a little adventure to your bookshelf, this LEGO Book Nook assumes the shape of an idyllic alley with tiny houses, storefronts, chimneys, plants galore, and an adorable mini cycle. Things get even more interesting when you fold open the book nook, turning the tiny alleyway into a beautiful street and revealing all the details inside!


The LEGO Book Nook comes from the mind of LEGO creator ‘Lordsquish’. A home and garden designer by profession, Lordsquish’s LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) is a little slice of paradise that fits between your books. Dubbed the ‘Stud Lane’, this holidayesque street has everything you could ask for…

Lordsquish’s Book Nook uses standard off-the-shelf LEGO pieces, so you can easily build your own! It may require some trial and error, although this book nook will be available on shelves soon if you aren’t in a hurry!

The Stud Lane reveals itself when opened wide like a book. The lane features a bookstore named “The Nooks Books”, a pub called the “Hop Inn”, and a bakery named “Le Stud Muffin”, pretty much representing everything I’d need to live a happy life – beer, books, and baked goods!

Above and around the Stud Lane’s establishments are tiny apartments that overlook the lane. Each apartment has a balcony garden with trellises, and a fireplace too, given the chimneys on all the buildings. The lane has a surprising amount of detail too, including lamp posts, a bicycle, a trash can, and even a bird perched on top of one of the buildings!

The Stud Lane is a part of LEGO’s Ideas Forum – an online social space where creators submit their ideas for LEGO builds. Other members of the LEGO community then vote for their favorite MOCs, and entries that hit 10,000 votes get reviewed by LEGO’s internal team and are then turned into box-sets.

Given the popularity of book nooks of late, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Stud Lane Book Nook cruised past the 10,000 vote mark with no difficulty! LEGO’s internal team conducts its review in September, so hopefully we can see a box-set of the LEGO Book Nook sometime next year!