A Bench Just for Smokers

Smoker Bench kinda sounds like a drug related peripheral or an awesome grill with ample seating but its really a bench with integrated ash receptacles. Created by designer Fatih Baltas, Smoker Bench is a project of social responsibility. In many places in America, smoking in public is illegal. What’s a chain smoker to do? Even they need a comfy spot to enjoy the slow effect of black lung. Sorry, I had to go there.

Designer: Fatih Baltas


  • ya well says:

    Yeah! the grass makes it so comfy… espacially the straight angle in my back when I sit there…so comfy. With Smoker Bench I’m turning my black lung into “green”. sincerely I love it!

  • rayelle says:

    lazier smokers will just put their cigarette buts in the grass!

  • Keith says:

    “In many places in America, smoking in public is illegal.” Is this true? Have I been asleep and awoken to a liberal america, where we have a socialist healthcare system and smoking bans in public places?

  • This is absolutely sick!!! And I can’t believe you posted it??? I used to love reading your RSS and then you go and post some crap like this?!?!?

    Instead of treating smoking worse than any other illegal drug we parade different excuses for those sick addicts to continue ruining theirs and our lives further?!?!?

    • r2r says:

      your insensitive to other people situation, im a smoker myself and a designer too, this is a good attempt of providing solution, i admit smoking is not good but its already there for a long time and yeah theres a growing consciousness of a green living but that doesn’t mean you need to trash everything like nazis would do, its a transition that we all need to take, from what we are now and what we want to be.

    • vlado says:

      second hand smoking isn’t that real…and how they’re running your life, if someones is smoking go away, or tell him to “turn it off” belive me they will accept it…

      if they wanna killtheir self smoking let them… you are fat, you’re killing your self with food.

      its more expensive for the goverment, and kill more people fatness than smoking…
      stop trying to save the world save your self first . smokers are just people that love cigars, they are not second class humans, learn to respect, ( im not a smoker just dont like the fact of divisions by nonsense)

  • StanJoukIsHot says:

    i dont think there should be designs that promote or encourage smoking…

  • kattyface says:

    Smokers do not deserve a comfortable environment. They selfishly degrade the health of the environment and passersby. They cannot possibly appreciate the lush beauty of nature while knowingly and willingly contributing carcinogens to the atmosphere and the earth by exhaling smoke and tossing cigarette butts.

    Absolutely foul.

  • Carl says:

    agree with the comments above. why cater for these idiots. whats next a public day bed for heroin addicts? a peedo shelter at childrens parks..! smoking should be discouraged, if not banned.

  • cki says:

    Good Lord people!!? Why don’t you all start a Burn All Smokers campaign while you’re at it. If you have nothing good to say. Don’t say anything at all. I blame the one with black heart who posted this in the begin with.

  • Carl says:

    The majority of the time public furniture is paid for with local taxation, (council tax in the uk), id hate to think that i would be supporting such a tradgic pass time.

    oh and cki this forum allows for all comments good and bad, why shield the designer from anything bad. this is a great place to get all kinds of feedback from the admirers and the haters. if u cant deal with that, well get bent..!

    • cki says:

      I don’t mind people giving them opinions on the actual concept/product. I have problem with the comments on smokers from haters.

      BTW Carl, according to your “logic”… if you don’t like my comment. You know what to do.

      Show some class next time you post.

  • Alp says:

    well well…just one question, who are you to judge what others want to do. oh dont cry now saying it effects your life span 🙂

    you go drop a bomb in some other country killing babies but no lets leave all those proper issues and come to some guy bugging you smoking. go get a life.

    I like the bench idea. soon you ll all end up being sheeps of your own system , with no individuality or choice left. Dont forget you have been abusing this planet since the day you existed and you killed every other creature to survive.

    You are not sooo human, you are also an animal. Accept it. And give people the choice to live freely while they still can. Even if this means smoking and killing themselves. since if they dont kill themselves, someone will drop a bomb one day anyways for some other stupid reason, so why be so clinical about life.. live it while u can the best way you can, and if that includes enjoying smoking and willing to take the suffering before death fine, I respect that choice.

    just dont like panzies who think they can have a say about others choices as if they are their creators. go wipe your panzy butts.

  • ali says:

    it’s nice but not realy logical and convenient it’s only an idea no design….

  • David says:

    Ali, you think so! I think this bench is awesome with its clear design…

  • WTF? says:

    Why would you subject poor, defenseless grass to all that smoke? 🙁

    other than that, the design’s solid.

  • Marios says:

    I want to know the contact e-mail pls and the price
    is possible pls….?

    [email protected]

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