This Stunning Timepiece’s Satellite Wandering Hour Will Have You Staring 24 x 7

Named after its arachnid inspiration, the TARANTULA timepiece from ATOWAK has an enchanting quality to it. With a wandering hour that hovers above a cobweb dial, the watch truly feels like observing the forbidden beauty of a tarantula spinning its web. The folks at ATOWAK aren’t any strangers to building gorgeous timepieces either, their previous endeavors include the Ettore, which paid tribute to the founder of Bugatti… and the Cobra, which had a sinister, seductive quality with its serpent-inspired design. The TARANTULA is yet another in a series of visually brilliant watches from ATOWAK, whose name is a clever cipher for the word UNIQUE.

If there’s one thing ATOWAK manages to build into any of their watches, it’s that uniqueness. Each timepiece they make feels like the company is breaking new ground, and their erstwhile history in watch manufacturing helps them easily and expertly build out their wild ideas. The TARANTULA is their latest mad-scientist experiment…

Designer: ATOWAK

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,869 $2,199 (15% off with coupon code “TARANTULA15”). Hurry, limited edition of 500 only!

Designed as a perfect marriage between artistic vision and watchmaking expertise, the TARANTULA’s most eye-catching detail is that satellite wandering hour. Sitting within a curved tonneau-style 316L stainless steel case, the satellite wandering hour is perhaps one of the most beautiful ways there is to observe time. A timekeeping rarity often found in some of the most expensive watches, the satellite wandering hour moves gracefully, choreographing the passage of time through two axes of rotation – in the three-pronged wheel itself, along with the numbered elements that sit on each of the prongs and rotate on their own axis too. At any given point in time, one of the prongs also points at the minutes arc, located on the lower half of the watch. A sweeping seconds wheel at the center rotates seamlessly too, acting almost like the tarantula’s heartbeat.

The satellite wandering hour rests on top of a meticulously designed three-dimensional cobweb-inspired dial. With a hexagonal pattern that feels reminiscent of the detail seen on a Spiderman suit, the dial provides the perfect canvas for the wandering hour movement. Meanwhile, this canvas is encased in a brilliantly hand-polished three-part 316L stainless steel frame, which gets capped off with a domed sapphire crystal. Flip the watch over and you get to view the TARANTULA’s underbelly too, thanks to an exhibition window that lets you view the watch’s modified Miyota 9039 automatic movement, with an impressive 42-hour power reserve.

Each watch is a testament to ATOWAK’s vision of building brilliant watches without compromise. Just the casing goes through up to 20 hand-polishing cycles, and the TARANTULA’s numerals and carousel hands are illuminated with Swiss Super-LumiNova, often found in high-end watches. The watch finally secures itself to your wrist thanks to its NBR rubber strap – an extremely soft and durable variant of rubber with excellent waterproof and antibacterial capabilities. While any watch with this feature list would run up a bill of at least $100,000 (we’re looking at you, Urwerk), ATOWAK provides the luxury and beauty of a high-end watch on an affordable budget. The Tarantula starts at a mere $2,199, and ATOWAK is also offering a 15% discount on the launch day. The watch is limited to just 500 pieces though, so I’d rush if I were you!

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,869 $2,199 (15% off with coupon code “TARANTULA15”). Hurry, limited edition of 500 only!