House made from flax fiber may be the floating home of our future

We are not fully anticipating that there will be a day when water will fully cover the earth and we need to be floating around, living our lives amidst all that. But that is really a distinct possibility because of climate change, so inventors, product designers, architects, and other creative people are coming up with things that will enable us to live a possibly different kind of existence by that time. How are houses or living conditions going to look like in the future? This may be one of the solutions we can live with.

Designer: Institut auf dem Rosenberg and SAGA Space Architects

The Blue Nomad is a floating house designed by students, who may very well be the inhabitants of those very houses in the future together with a forward-thinking architectural firm. It is designed to be a permanent home for those that will travel and live on the water, specifically what may be known in the future as “modern nomads”. Other designers previously came up with concepts for houses living on the water but they’re more for those who will be staying in a permanent, single location.

The students who helped create the concept got their inspiration from the Outrigger, a boat made from organic materials used by Polynesian nomadic communities from centuries before. This new concept will be able to house two people and allow them to have two temporary guests. It will be made mainly from flax fiber and is more or less shaped like a small boat. The units can be connected together so neighborhoods or communities can also be built despite the nomadic culture.

The house would run on solar energy for all its needs including propulsion, electricity, and even food production and fresh water. The concept was brought to life through the help of artificial intelligence and the full scale prototype sis expected to make a 3000km voyage across Europe to test its viability.