Solar-Powered Off-Grid Treehouse Perfectly Combines Nature, Sustainability + Luxury

As a child, we’ve all dreamed of having a large enchanting treehouse in our backyards. A place we can play all day in, and spend our summer coasting above the ground, in the canopy of a beautiful tree. As an adult, we can actually make that dream come true! A stunning treehouse was recently constructed in the north of Toronto, Canada near Minden by locally based treehouse company Fort Treehouse Co. The 370 square feet treehouse is built amidst three trees – one red maple, and two sugar maples, and spans over two stories.

Dubbed the Baltic, this mesmerizing treehouse is fully equipped to provide a comfortable and cozy living experience. It houses a kitchen, bathroom, living room, a comfortable sleeping loft, and a luxurious extra like an outdoor wood-fired hot tub to pamper its residents. It aims to provide a unique and one-of-a-kind treehouse experience in the heart of the Canadian woodlands, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.


  • Solar-powered and completely off-grid
  • Provides stunning views of the Haliburton Highlands’ evergreen and mixed hardwood forests
  • Built using specialized hardware that supports the treehouse, and ensures the longevity of the trees


  • Has an open-concept loft bathroom which may be uncomfortable to use for some people, and could invite in bugs and insects
  • Only available for short-term stays, so you can’t book it for longer durations

Designer: Fort Treehouse Co.

One look at the Baltic, and you instantly feel invited in. It has a rather comforting and modern exterior punctuated with massive windows that lend the space an air of openness. The windows allow natural light to stream in through the day, reducing dependency on artificial lighting. While constructing the home, precautions, and measures were taken to cause minimum impact to the surrounding trees. Large machinery was prohibited from being used around the trees, which can cause damage to the water-absorbing surface roots. Instead, the materials and large supports were swung using hand-pulled ropes via a system of rigging. In fact, the treehouse is raised on a platform 13 feet above the ground, supported by specialized hardware, that is connected to the trees. An insulated conduit was installed which holds the plumbing and electrical wires that service the treehouse.

“We’ve got some very specialized hardware that supports the treehouse and ensures the longevity of the trees. On the exterior of the tree, about the first two inches is where all those living cells that are taking food up and storing sugars. In the middle [of the tree] is wood—it’s lumber, it’s wood, it’s the support for the tree. So by putting the hardware all the way through the tree, you’re not causing any more impact to the tree and its ability to carry what it needs up and down the tree, but you are putting the load nice and safe on either side of the tree, instead of just on one [side],” said Fort Treehouse Co.’s founder Cam Green.

As you enter the treehouse, you are welcomed by a compact foyer where you can sit and remove your shoes. As you wander further inside, you enter the living room which features a warm earthen floor made using a mix of local clay, sand, and straw. The floor absorbs a lot of the heat from the sun, and slowly releases it throughout the day, to keep the home warm and comfortable. A propane fireplace provides the maximum amount of heat to the living space.

The kitchen is small, but well-equipped with a stove, oven, sink, and a mini-refrigerator. The bedroom is quite cushy and cozy with windows on all sides, while the bathroom features a custom rain shower, toilet, and vintage-style sink. All in all, the Baltic is a thoughtfully-designed, off-grid, and sustainable treehouse that makes for an excellent modern getaway in the heart of nature. It perfectly combines natural beauty, comfort, luxury, and sustainability.