A-shaped cabins are designed to help you experience nature with comfort in an agrotourism area

When I’m in the middle of all these projects and to-do lists in the concrete jungle where I live, I like to daydream about being in the midst of nature and having nothing to do except maybe read or walk around. But also, being the city girl I am, this dream does not involve roughing it out in the wild without my creature comforts. Of course, being surrounded by nature is still something I want to experience every once in a while and it’s a bonus if I don’t actually have to go camping in a tiny tent.

Designer: Atelier L’Abri

If you’re in the Montreal area, you will be able to experience what is probably one of my travel dreams. In the middle of the Canadian landscape is the Farouche agrotourism area, where you’ll be able to enjoy experience all that nature has to offer, enhanced with some activities structures that doesn’t take away anything from your surroundings. You get a Nordic farm, a café-bar, micro-refuges instead of tents, and an outdoor basecamp. Plus, of course you have the greenhouses, flower fields, fields, an organic market, and hiking trails that you came to enjoy.

The barn serves as the main headquarters for all the farm activities. Don’t think of it as the barns that you see in movies and TV shows but it seems pretty luxurious but minimalist. Since the surroundings are already pretty picturesque, you don’t need to add more elaborate designs. There is also a café-refreshment bar that gives you a majestic sunset view and the Mont-Tremblant. The micro-refuges, where you can stay in, have an A-frame type and is made with cedar shingles and has a single bed, a reading bench, and a small gas stove.

It would be nice to spend a day or two in this agrotourism area where you can enjoy all of the activities they have to offer, all of them connected to the nature that surrounds you. If you’re looking for those glamorous vacation resorts, then this is definitely not for you. But if you’re looking to commune with nature, buy organic farm produce, and still have a bit of comfort and luxury, then this is something you’ve probably dreamt of.