Height-adjustable desk with anti-collison sensors is the perfect sit/stand desk for your home office

Are you still looking for the perfect desk? One that you can end hours working away on, without feeling uncomfortable and bored. One that also lets you eat your meals on it, and binge-watch on some Netflix as well. Well, so am I! And I’m sure that’s the case with most of us, since working from home became the new norm, and our home offices became our new hang-out spots. Having a great desk is extremely important. Simply a ‘good’ desk won’t do either. A great desk helps us work comfortably and effectively. It puts us in the right mindset, helping us achieve our daily productivity goals and checkmark all the tasks on our to-do list! Not only should our desks be clean, but they should also sport an ergonomic and functional design! And good looks are a bonus. And finding a desk that does all of the above can be a Herculean task. But worry not, I’ve found the ultimate desk for you  – eFloat Go 2.0 desk by Humanscale.

Designer: Humanscale

Designed by workplace furniture brand Humanscale, the eFloat Go 2.0 desk is designed to be the ultimate adjustable standup desk. The desk was designed with simplicity and precision and features impressive advanced anti-collision sensors. The eFloat Go 2.0 consists of a height-adjustable table base equipped with updated sit/stand technology. Anti-collision sensors and quiet motors were added to the desk to ensure smooth and hassle-free transitions between both modes.

The desk was designed with the intention to be easy and efficient to install while accommodating a wide range of work surfaces and depths, that cater to the different working needs of different people. It also features a digital programmable headset with USB charging, and is available in two different colors, so you can pick the color that suits your home office the best.

“Custom-designed motors in every leg make eFloat Go 2.0 one of the quietest tables available today,” said Humanscale. “[It] features updated electronics including a programmable handset with up to four custom table positions. Enhanced gyroscopic anti-collision functionality prevents causing damage during height adjustment,” the brand concluded. The eFloat Go 2.0 desk is a smooth and intuitive desk that will handle your day-to-day w0rking needs and demands with ease!