This portable massage device takes the shape of a lacrosse ball for pinpointed muscle therapy at home!

For those who’ve had to use one, lacrosse balls can be lifesavers. Whether it’s plantar fasciitis or general muscle soreness, using lacrosse balls for targeted massage therapy hosts an array of benefits for relieving muscle pain. Merging all that works about using a lacrosse ball for self-massage therapy with the efficiency of smart technology, designers at Therabody, a health and wellness brand, created the Wave Solo, a pinpointed and ultra-portable therapeutic device.

Wave Solo takes the shape and density of an average-sized lacrosse ball for ergonomic use and to deliver pinpointed muscle therapy. Fused with smart technology, Wave Solo releases three powerful vibrational frequencies to focused areas of muscle tension to help promote self-myofascial release, a form of alternative muscle therapy that can be applied to your own body.

While the vibrations are sent to targeted parts of your body, QuietRoll Technology mutes the vibration’s reverberations so that each massage session can maintain an air of meditation and quietude. Compatible with Bluetooth, Wave Solo can be connected to external smart devices so users can control each device from their own smartphones. Equipped with 120-minute battery life, Wave Solo can keep on digging into those trouble spots for as long as they’re trouble.

When it comes to massage therapy, people choose lacrosse balls for their dense and solid structure to relieve muscle soreness and increase blood flow through self-myofascial release. The designers behind Wave Solo took the shape and density of lacrosse balls to promote pinpointed therapy that targets even the tightest of muscles.

Designer: Therabody
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Wave Solo comes customizable with three different vibration frequencies.

Low-surface area pinpoints pressure for targeted muscle therapy.

Each device comes with a charging cable and carrying case.

Wave Solo is also compatible with other smart devices for phone-controlled treatment.

Wave Solo dons a wavelike texture that’s meant to deliver optimal traction.

Wave Solo can be applied to any part of the body that could benefit from some muscle therapy.