Keep Your Insect Self Safe

You’re climbing up a mountain, right? Me too. You’re climbing up a mountain and you’re thinking about all the granola you’ve got back there on you back, in your backpack. You think, gosh, what if a giant bird comes swooping down on me and sinks its huge talons into my pack, totally ripping and spilling all of my granola? What then? Disaster. No more granola! What should you do? Get a new pack. Get this one. It’s called the “Bug”, and it’s made with a 3mm thick plastic shell.

Granola protection!

These backpacks also work great when you’re cruising down the highway on your fabulous motorcycle. There’s a big campaign going on right now in my state (Minnesota) that’s encouraging bikers to wear more colorful clothing because all-black makes them hard to see. This’d be a great step!

Lots of colors! Lots of space to customize too.

Designer: Martin Hercik of Koox Design