This stoneware lamp exudes an artistic yet playful character that livens up any desk

The primary purpose of lamps is to bring us light, but they don’t have to be limited to that task only. This is especially true for fixtures that always stay within our vision, whether they’re hanging from ceilings, stuck to walls, or standing on our desks. Because we tend to always notice things that we always see, these lamps can have a significant effect on our mood and state of mind. A poorly designed lamp, no matter how bright, will end up annoying us, consciously or subconsciously. Conversely, a lamp with a delightful design will brighten not only your space but also your mood, just like these cute yet heavyweight desk lamps that almost make you want to play with them all day long.

Designer: J Schatz

Something doesn’t have to actually be a toy to inspire a playful mood. Bright colors, irregular or curved shapes, and unbalanced or asymmetrical arrangements can already have our minds immediately thinking fun thoughts, perhaps a ball game, a playground set, or toy blocks. The Spot On Desk Lamps have these elements in droves, and they create an almost whimsical atmosphere on any desk it stands on.

There are three distinct parts that make up this rather vibrant lamp, all simple shapes and all derived from a circle. The base is a thick disc and the stem that stands off-center is a simple cylinder. The lamp shade itself is a sphere that seems to stick precariously near the top of the stand. While many lamp designs aim for symmetry and a visual of harmony, the Spot On evokes a sense of action and dynamism, as if the lamp is ready to fall and roll at any moment. Of course, it’s all just in our minds, because the desk lamp is as steady and stable as a piece of stone.

The pieces are indeed made of stoneware, individually handcrafted, in fact. Each piece has a different color from the rest, and there are eight color combinations in total. Although different, the colors still produce a certain beauty and harmony, painting a character that is lively but not discordant. There’s an almost Bauhaus-like theme here as well, with the use of opposite or asymmetrical shapes and colors. Suffice it to say, it’s an attractive piece, no matter which way you look at it.

Of course, a desk lamp is not just a piece of decoration, and the Spot On lamp’s 5W LED bulb makes sure of that. It delivers the same brightness as a 60W standard bulb but at a fraction of the energy consumption. This bulb, along with the structural parts that keep the lamp pieces together, is invisible to the viewer who only sees the lamp itself and its cord. It’s a design that reaches a degree of simplicity and minimalism without looking drab or mundane. It’s definitely spot on, pun totally intended, for a lamp that can light up not just your desk but also your life.