Old Switch, New Tricks


Designed for the elderly, but pretty much a fantastic idea for pretty much everyone, the Easy Switch isn’t just a clever idea, it has a clever name too! Playing on the double meaning of switch, the switchboard concept comes with labeled switch-pieces that can be alternated in use. The labels not only indicate the use/purpose of the switches (bathroom light, or living room fan), but are also sized differently, reserving larger switches for most-commonly-used scenarios. The switches can be color coded too, making them easy to locate and operate by the elderly. LED indicators also help in indicating if a switch is on or off.

I believe good products must be so instinctive in their use, that they make you lazy. The Easy Switch may be designed for people of a certain age, but the system can be used in any home to provide a simple and intuitive experience! Cuz hey, who doesn’t like being lazy!

The Easy Switch is a Red Dot Design Award winner for the year 2015.

Designer: Shenzhen Newplan Design Co. Ltd.