Make more meaningful and memorable toasts with these stunning stacking sake cups

There are quite a few things that have become iconic of Japanese culture, from clothes like the kimono to warriors like the samurai to food like sushi. When it comes to beverages, there is green tea and, of course, sake, both of which have deep cultural roots and, sometimes, solemn practices. You don’t, however, need to take part in an elaborate pouring and drinking ceremony to appreciate the rich experience when drinking this Japanese rice wine. All you need to create this sacred and profound atmosphere is the right drinkware, just like these finely-crafted tin cups that not only make drinking sake more meaningful, it even provides aesthetic value to your tableware.

Designer: Metaphys

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Drinking sake is a common part of Japanese life, whether it’s in social settings or more formal ceremonies. The rice wine can be served either hot or cold, with most drinking cups made from ceramic or even glass. What better way, then, to amaze your guest or even yourself than with an unusual sake drinking cup made from nothing but authentic tin, such as this unique and distinctive drinking cup set?

Authentic Tin – Authentic tin generally contains 95% to 97% tin, warranted by the Tinware Business Cooperative Association. The sake becomes pure and mellow when it is poured into authentic tin drinkware.

Tin might be an odd choice for drinking wine, but it actually makes even more sense when you consider how the material has been used for drinkware for over a millennium, thanks to its ability to absorb impurities and purify water. It’s also the perfect material for cold sake because it offers a softer and more comfortable texture for hands to hold while also making the sake taste smoother and more mellow.

What makes this tin drinkware special is more than just its composition. Designed to stack easily upon each other, the bowl-shaped vessels are uncommon for use in drinking sake or any other wine for that matter, and yet they also look elegant and pleasing thanks to their smooth curves. When stacked, the cups resemble kagami-mochi or traditional Japanese rice cakes, as well as the smooth stone piles found in peaceful Zen gardens. Even unused, these cups turn into decorative pieces that can become the centerpiece of your dining table or shelf.

Single Cup Edition

Two Cup Edition

Each piece of the stacking sake cups is made using ancient casting techniques by expert craftsmen that give tangible and beautiful form to this Japanese heritage. Whether you’re drinking by yourself with the single-cup configuration or toasting a drink with a friend with the two-cup set, the suiu stacking tin drinkware will add a spiritual flavor to your rice wine, immersing you in the deep cultural heritage of Japan.

Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $299 ($60 off at checkout). Hurry, 4th of July sale ends in 48 hours!