Cyberpunk worthy electric bike conceptualized in upbeat metallic body frame hues

Motorbikes as future ideation have always been the favorite canvas for concept designers to explore with freedom. From the wide array of two-wheeler designs one can think of, a futuristic machine is what gets motorheads’ heart racing.

The Ayra bike is a prime example of a ride with the DNA of a city bike and performance racer on steroids that can take on any road legal machine in a straight line dash for glory. The invincible character reflected in the aerodynamically tuned build is what sets this racing machine apart from the ordinary.

Designer: Radka Zvarova

Robust monoshock swingarm setup on the rear and the front maintains the structural integrity of the bike while lowering the stance for a more reassuring ride setup. The wide apart wheelbase distributes the weight of the machine in a delicate balancing act of automotive engineering.

Handlebars are integrated into the main unit to decrease the sideways air drag and not strain Ayra’s electric motor any more than desired. That’s presuming it is fed by a powerful electric motor since Radka doesn’t make any mention of the powertrain of this motorbike. Going by the design layout here, in all probability the central unit houses the compact electric motor that can be charged via a fast charging unit.

The Cyberpunk appeal of the motorbike is something to behold here, given the extent to which the front stretches in this concept. That should make the Ayra highly maneuverable at chicanes, in a way, juxtaposing it with the flavor of a café racer. The headlights adopt a hunter-eyes-like stance, similar to a wild cat crouching down to pounce on its prey unaware.

Decals and graphics have a minimalist geometric presence in a contrasting mono-color that complements the polished metal body frame. There are quite a few classy color options to choose from that are primarily targeted toward the young crowd. So, who wants Ayra to come to life someday?