This AI-assisted ceiling light illuminates the lives of the elderly while monitoring their safety

As we age, our ability to balance and manage everyday tasks can become more challenging. Simple activities that were once effortless can require more effort and the risk of accidents and loss of control increases. For elderly individuals, having support and the knowledge that help is readily available is invaluable. However, in today’s modern world, many elderly people live alone or without immediate assistance. This is where Nobi comes in—a remarkable AI-driven smart lamp that detects, predicts, and prevents incidents, providing a sense of safety and security for the elderly.

Designer: Mati Papalini and Marko Filipic

Nobi understands the unique needs of the elderly and empowers them to live safe, dignified, and happy lives. Accidents, such as falls resulting in severe injuries, are unfortunately common among the elderly. Nobi acts as a proactive companion, constantly monitoring the surroundings to detect potential dangers and intervene, when necessary, by alarming the designated caregivers for assistance. They can monitor respiration, cough detection, and detect falls even before they occur. By doing so, Nobi ensures that prompt treatment and assistance can be provided to mitigate the impact of accidents.

Elderly individuals often struggle with adapting to new technologies, finding them complex and overwhelming. As younger generations, we have become de facto teachers for our grandparents in the realm of technology. From teaching them how to make phone calls and take pictures to navigate social media, we’ve witnessed their challenges. Nobi, however, breaks the barriers by encouraging the adoption of high-tech care technology that is perceived as difficult to use and intrusive. It not only fulfills their needs but also fosters a genuine desire to embrace them.

Nobi goes beyond its practical functions and seamlessly integrates into any interior with its stylish design. It resembles a conventional lamp rather than a piece of care technology, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt the aesthetics of the living space. Nobi’s discreet presence allows the elderly to feel comfortable and secure without drawing attention to their vulnerabilities.

Like a guardian angel, Nobi diligently stands to watch, providing continuous support and care. Its advanced AI technology enables it to operate around the clock, preventing falls and promptly alerting caregivers in the event of declining health. Nobi’s vigilant presence serves as a reliable companion for the elderly, ensuring they are never alone during crucial moments.

Nobi is a revolutionary AI-driven smart lamp that has redefined care technology for the elderly. By seamlessly blending into the living environment, Nobi offers a sense of safety and security without compromising on style. With its ability to detect, predict, and prevent accidents, Nobi acts as an ever-watchful guardian, ensuring the well-being and independence of the elderly. By embracing Nobi, elderly individuals can lead dignified lives with the knowledge that they are protected and always supported.