The Transportation Notification Illumination!

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The Lite-On Awards are dedicated towards curating and rewarding design concepts that showcase an innate ability to solve a problem through lateral thinking. The Notification Traffic Light is one such design concept to be awarded Lite-On’s Merit Award. The concept avoids the eventuality of an Ambulance getting into a vehicular accident at busy signals and crossroads by installing a special type of attachment to regular traffic lights. When synced with a beacon inside an ambulance, the notification light flashes a red cross on the road to alert all oncoming traffic to stop and make a clear passage for the approaching ambulance.

While it seems like a difficult ordeal to have a visible projection on tarmac in broad daylight, the idea certainly provides a solution to a problem that causes unfortunate loss of lives. The solution just like any design solution can always be perfected with time. One must get the ball rolling in the first place, don’t you think? 🙂

The Notification Traffic Light is a winning entry for the Lite-On Awards 2015. Entries for this year’s LiteOn awards are open till the 16th of June, 2016. Head down to the LiteOn website for further details. Hurry, you have just a week!

Designers: Chen-jun Yi & Liang-siou Ming.

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