This AI-powered robotic pool cleaner will help keep your summer days stress-free

Beaches aren’t the only way to enjoy the sun and water during the summer season. Swimming pools are just as fun, especially for people who prefer a quieter or more intimate experience with only a small group of people. Unlike beaches, you don’t have to worry about undesirable yet inescapable objects like leaves or dirt, but keeping a pool clean is no walk in the park either. With today’s technologies, that shouldn’t be the case anymore, especially considering how we’ve developed robotic vacuum cleaners to near perfection. That is precisely the kind of convenience that this innovative robotic cleaner brings to your life, making sure that your swimming pool floor and walls are clean and debris-free so that you can just focus on having fun in the water and under the sun.

Designer: AIRROBO

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There’s a reason why swimming pools are considered luxuries that few can afford. In addition to the cost of constructing the pool itself, its maintenance and cleaning require manual work that can be pretty expensive as well. That’s what they said about keeping floors clean, too, but now we have smart robot vacuums to do that tedious job for us. Fortunately, AIRROBO just launched the new PC100 cordless robotic pool cleaner, delivering stress-free and sweat-free maintenance of pools in time for summer fun.

With its cordless and hose-free design, this pool vacuum offers more freedom and convenience when cleaning your pool, making it safer and easier to use.

The AIRROBO PC100 is a true wonder, with two brushes scrubbing your pool floors and a powerful suction of 55GPM (Gallons Per Minute) that makes short work of leaves, dirt, debris, and even fine sand along its path, ensuring a clean and healthy swim every time. It doesn’t just clean floors, either. Just like that popular comic book superhero, it can also clean walls and waterlines, crawling up walls up to 90 degrees. Its large 4L filter basket lets it give the pool a thorough cleaning before you need to pick it up.

The robot is pretty smart, too, so you don’t even have to supervise it while it gets the dirty job done. AI-powered NaviCleanTM technology allows the PC100 to know exactly where it is, how large the pool is, and the best paths it needs to take. Equipped with high-accuracy motion sensors and self-developed algorithms, you can simply “set-and-forget” the robot pool cleaner for the ultimate worry-free automation convenience. That makes the AIRROBO PC100 10 times more efficient than traditional pool cleaning methods.

Easy cleaning of the pool waterline.

Haul it out of the pool with a stick.

Recharge it via a wall socket plug.

This robot cleaning wonder also delivers ultimate freedom of movement thanks to its cordless operation. You don’t have to worry about tangling wires and hoses or power sockets, letting the robot clean freely even pools that are 16×32 feet in size. In fact, it can handle most types and shapes of pools, not just the plain old rectangular ones, and can work flawlessly on most types of pool materials, from fiberglass to vinyl to concrete and more! The large 7,800mAh battery gives it an uptime of up to 120 minutes, covering as much as 3,100 sq. ft. And when it’s done with the work or if its battery is too low, it will automatically park itself at the edge of the pool for easy retrieval. And you won’t have to fret about not knowing how your robot buddy is faring. Thanks to 11 indicator lights and different combinations of colors and light effects, it is easy to tell at a glance if your PC100 needs charging or if it’s ready to take a dive. Cleaning the swimming pool doesn’t get easier than this, thanks to the PC100’s powerful but user-friendly features.

Having your own pool is a big responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart about it, especially with advanced AI and robotics at your beck and call. Whether you’re cleaning the pool for the first time in a long while or just making sure that the pool is ready for the next summer party, the AIRROBO PC100 will take a load off your mind so that you can just focus on having fun.

Click Here to Buy Now: $599.99 $799.99 ($200 off total with coupon code “SCEPC100”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours.