Recycled Relic Lighting


The Foam Cloud project consists of three “clouds of light” located at three different points in the exhibition space at the Photography Museum of Amsterdam (FOAM). Beautifully basic, it’s simplicity is the result of a very limited budget!

To keep within the confines of this budget, 42 fluorescent lamps were recovered from the museum warehouse. These reused lamps were given new life as the sole material in the project, reducing the cost to zero!

At first glance, the design of the “clouds” seems chaotic, arbitrary and random. However, the position of the lights is actually quite precise. At an external point of view (marked on the pavement of the street), the name of the museum – FOAM – is drawn in the air. As the pedestrian moves or loses this vantage point of view the light changes, establishing a fun visual play between the indoor installation and the exterior observer and thus, between the museum and its potential visitor.

Designer: Francisco Colom Jover