Top 5 Japanese Designs Gift Guide to Make Summer More Fun and Productive

Like any other season, summer can mean different things to different people. While images of beaches and pool parties immediately come to mind, some see the hottest season of the year as a time to enjoy the wide outdoors, take a well-deserved break from the stress of school and work, or even use the downtime to catch up with life goals and plan the months ahead. Whatever your plans might be for summer, you will want to have the perfect companion that will be by your side, rain or shine or even more shine, helping you make the best out of your time without getting in the way. What you need is a dose of elegant and minimalist Japanese designs, and these five top-notch products will help you enjoy summer to the fullest, whether outdoors, indoors, or everywhere in between.

1. CD Jacket Player

No one will blame you if you want to spend your summer just chilling out. Some people find relaxation in movie marathons, while others find solace in their favorite tunes, especially older music that may bring up fond memories of summers past. What better way to enjoy that kind of music anytime, anywhere than with a special kind of CD player that mixes old technology with new designs, bringing together past and present in sweet harmony.

The CD Jacket Player is more than just a portable device that plays audio discs like any other CD player. As if its clean, minimalist design doesn’t already make it stand out from the crowd, its special feature adds a distinct flavor to the listening experience. Slide in the CD’s jacket cover, and you’ve got a physical facsimile of how modern digital music apps display album art, creating a unique audiovisual experience that combines the best of analog and digital worlds. Enjoy audio CDs the way they were meant to be with a CD Jacket Player that enthrones both the music as well as the art that gives it visual expression.

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2. Everlasting All-Metal Pencil

The pen might be mightier than the sword, but the pencil is definitely easier to yield. It takes no training to use a pencil to write on paper while still providing a variety of marks, depending on how you hold it. Pencils are also more forgiving, allowing you to take back what you wrote and start anew. The only problem is that pencils require more maintenance with sharpening and are gone for good once they’ve been reduced to useless wooden stubs.

Fortunately, the Everlasting All-Metal Pencil is exactly what its name claims it to be. The innovative use of materials allows it to deliver the same exact same experience and line quality as regular pencils, minus the need to sharpen anything. Its unique design not only provides an ergonomic grip, it almost makes the pen eye-catching, leaving a mark not just on paper but also on people’s minds. Put your thoughts on paper for posterity and experience the joys of writing that go on and on with a pencil that lasts just as long.

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3. Magnetic Clipboard

Just because school is out or you’re spending days away from work doesn’t mean your brain stops working completely. In fact, you might even get your best and most creative ideas while you’re on your summer break, whether you’re lounging in your room or putting your feet up by the campfire. In times like those, you probably wish you had some sheets of paper at hand, and this Magnetic Clipboard makes sure there will always be some within reach when inspiration strikes.

The simple yet talented board is designed to hold as many as 30 sheets of A4-sized loose paper, giving you the complete freedom to add, remove, and move pages around as no regular notebook could. A magnet and lever system makes it super-easy to clip those sheets of paper, so you don’t waste time fiddling with the tool instead of scribbling down your thoughts. Don’t let your inspiration dry up this summer, and have the confidence to write down ideas and dreams as they come, knowing that the Magnetic Clipboard and your paper are an arm’s reach away.

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4. Anywhere-Use Lamp

Summer always conjures up images of the bright and sometimes scorching sun, but the Day Star won’t be much help during the night or inside darkened enclosed spaces. Whether you’re camping, spending the night at the beach, or simply reading before bedtime, you’ll definitely need some light source to enjoy your time. You could have a lamp for each of those uses and cases, or you can have a single lamp that you can easily use anywhere you need a light, whether it’s to see in the dark or to set the mood.

The modular design of the Anywhere-Use Lamp makes it trivial to disassemble the device and stow it in your bag for a quick getaway. Powered by regular AA batteries, you won’t need to worry about running out of charge in the middle of a campsite with no power socket in sight for miles around. Simply pop in replacement (and perhaps rechargeable) batteries, and you’re good to go. The lamp’s soft and warm light provides enough illumination for whatever you need to do in a low-lit environment, whether it’s reading or even eating. Like a mushroom that can pop up anywhere, this Anywhere-Use Lamp makes even the darkness of summer nights fun and engaging.

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5. Portable Fire Pit Stand

Some people love the vastness of the seas and the sound of crashing waves on the shores, while others prefer the feeling of the wind on their faces and the smell of trees and grass. Summer is also the perfect time to experience the latter, turning outdoor activities into adventures and opportunities to bond with family and friends. Of course, no outdoor stay is complete without an outdoor meal, and this distinctive fire pit stand gives you both a functional place for fire as well as an interesting conversation starter.

The Portable Fire Pit Stand’s industrial aesthetic gives this outdoor companion a unique vibe that doesn’t get in the way of its functionality. Easy to assemble for quick fires and easy to disassemble for a thorough cleaning, this fire pit stand removes any excuse or hindrance to carrying this tool anywhere you go. Whether cooking for yourself or cooking for friends and family, the Portable Fire Pit Stand will rekindle your love for the outdoors, for nature, and for the people that make your summer days extra special and memorable.

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