Easy Decorating Ideas for the Perfect Summer Season

The beauty of summer lies in its vibrant energy, refreshing color schemes, and seasonal accents that capture its essence. It’s also a time of celebration, associated with breezy attire, chilled beverages, blooming flowers, sunny beach days, outdoor barbecues, exciting vacations, mesmerizing sunsets, and joyful outdoor play. It is highly recommended to embrace the ‘less is more’ approach for a breezy ambiance and airy spaces that embody summer’s spirit. Discover our top summer decorating ideas to effortlessly transform your space into a vibrant retreat.

Cut the Clutter

Before decorating your home for the summer months, it is essential to clear out any clutter. There is no point in adding decorative touches if your house already looks cluttered. By clearing out the clutter first, you create a clean and organized space where summer decorations can truly shine. Avoid adding to the mess, and prioritize decluttering as a necessary step before embarking on your summer decor projects.

Designer: Cox & Cox

Bring in Natural Light

During the summer months, daylight extends, offering longer and brighter days, and providing abundant natural light. Therefore, it is crucial to maximize this feature within your home’s interior and embrace as much natural light as possible. Open up your space by throwing open doors and windows, pulling back curtains, and welcoming the flood of natural light. Store away heavy accessories, throws, and unnecessary small decor items until the winter season arrives.

Designer: Brooke & Lou

Embrace a Light Color palette

Emphasize neutral tones for your walls and furniture while introducing a darker area rug to provide a grounding element. Soft colors offer a light and fresh summer vibe, and you can enhance the look with pastel pillows and lightweight throw blankets, adding a cheerful final touch. Opting for softer hues opens up the space and creates a sense of breathing room.

Designer: Ek Fiseos

Pop Color

One can go beyond neutrals to create a vibrant and energetic vibe in your decor. Embrace pop colors like coral, yellow, tangerine, lime green, pink, and red. Use bold florals and lush botanical prints to immerse your space in vibrant hues can effortlessly uplift the ambiance and bring in a summery vibe. Enhance their charm with lively and folksy printed pillows, and add cozy throws for evening comfort. Introduce a subtle burst of color with pastel pillows or a striking area rug that complements neutral furniture.

Designer: Jasmine Sharai

Linen Bedsheet

Replace heavy pillows and blankets with lighter fabrics, such as linen and cotton, to swiftly evoke a coastal resort atmosphere in your bedrooms. Additionally, linen is a natural and breathable fabric that offers comfort during the summer months.

Designer: Alva

Light Curtains

For effortless summer decor, replace heavy drapes with cotton or linen alternatives or incorporate free-flowing furnishings that effectively disperse heat, cool your home, and provide the perfect amount of sunlight screening. Alternatively, the transition from darker-toned curtains to more neutral options for a refreshing change in color.

Designer: Brooke & Lou

Nautical Décor

Capture the essence of summer with coastal-inspired decor. Incorporate nautical elements like navy blue and white stripes or unique accessories to add a touch of seaside charm. Create a serene bedroom with minimalist neutrals, elegant lines, and soft stripes, complemented by pops of navy and rust for a nautical vibe. Coastal living room ideas offer an enchanting ambiance, infusing your home with the beauty of the beach and bringing the essence of summer indoors.

Designer: New Home

A Colorful Tablescape

Summers are also meant for dinner and lunch social gatherings, so elevate your dinner party with vibrant table décor, accent dishes, and a colorful tablecloth for a summery touch. Mix floral, tropical, or nautical-themed dishes with everyday tableware for an eclectic mix. Create a small bar area with bottles and glassware on a serving tray. For a stunning summer tea party, layer patterned linens, colored glassware, and fresh flowers. Use vibrant tablecloths and linen napkins in softer hues. Complete the look with flowers and colored candles to create a vibrant, relaxed, and joyful summer table arrangement.

Designer: Sel

Create a Photo Wall

Create room for your vacation photos by printing, framing, and organizing them into a gallery wall. This clever summer decorating tip will not only help you save money on artwork but also provide an engaging conversation starter at gatherings. Moreover, reminiscing through these memories will help satisfy your wanderlust and ignite your excitement as you begin planning your next summer getaway. Don’t forget to infuse a holiday vibe into your space by incorporating rattan chairs, known for their ability to evoke a vacation atmosphere.

Designer: Dukha Wall Art

Create an Indoor-Outdoor Connect

Establishing a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces is a highly effective summer decorating technique. Consider hanging succulents over the patio or balcony garden to screen the sun instead of using curtains. Merge patio furniture and lighting with an interior area rug in a covered sunroom, or suspend string lights above a farmhouse table on your porch to create a cozy dining atmosphere. By integrating outdoor elements into your interior, you foster the serene and carefree ambiance synonymous with the summer season. Uncover and bring out your light cane or minimalist furniture that may have been tucked away in storage, allowing them to bask in the sun.

Designer: Westwing

Pay Attention to the Porch

Don’t forget about your front porch and patio when it comes to summer decorating. Give these outdoor spaces a refreshing makeover with summer potted plants or planters, welcoming seating, a summer rug, summer outdoor throw pillows, and string lights wherever possible for beautiful summer nights.

Designer: Seals Sweet Homestead

Add Greenery

Greenery is key in summer decorating. Add a natural allure to your DIY summer room decor by planting succulents in spacious seashells. These low-maintenance plants bring long-lasting beauty, perfect for a delightful summer tablescape. To complete the look, include an abundance of plants and fresh flowers for added vitality and natural beauty. Note that surrounding ourselves with green environments and nature has scientifically proven benefits, uplifting our spirits in multiple ways.

Designer: Noemi Balazs

Install Mirrors

Mirrors, the bright and airy decor element, have a surprising impact on summer home decor. While typically used for functional purposes, incorporating mirrors as design elements can create an illusion of spaciousness in your house. Install them strategically in foyers, above the mantelpiece, or even covering an entire wall. Witness how they enhance space during the day and reflect light in the evenings.

Designer: LES ARCS

Introduce Summer Scents

To evoke a summery ambiance in your home and bathroom, adapt the scents as the season transitions. Replace heavier fragrances with refreshing options like ocean breeze or cucumber, melon, and kiwi during the summer months. Additionally, candles can serve as affordable and convenient summer decorations, adding a touch of charm to coffee tables and shelves.

Designer: Robin Warner

Beautify with Summer Flowers

Infuse your home with vibrant, summery colors by incorporating freshly picked flowers. For maximum impact, focus on arrangements that showcase warm colors like bold oranges, radiant yellows, or vibrant pinks.

Designer: NORTHSEA

Embrace the essence of summer with decor ideas that infuse joy and happiness into your home while celebrating the vibrant colors and sights of the season. Nevertheless, the ultimate tip is to not stress over it. Decorating for summer is a breeze since it often involves removing decor rather than adding more.