This sleep-enhancing pillow is stuffed with an unusually clever combination of foam and fibers

If you’re still using a basic cotton pillow in 2022, you’re quite literally living in the stone age. The Dreamade Pillow sports both a unique design along with a unique filler material, making it one of the most interesting pillows we’ve seen in years.

Designer: Dr. William Choi

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What stands out first is the Dreamade’s 4-segmented design, designed by a chiropractor and driven by the fact that people don’t sleep in one position throughout the night (A study of Sleep Positions and Nocturnal Body Movements by US National Center for Biotechnology indicates that we switch positions roughly every 30-40 minutes of sleep).

Four Sections – To keep your neck properly aligned all night even when you switch positions.

Fully Adjustable – Four sections can be independently adjusted for the perfect fit.

The four zones are designed specifically around how humans change their positions in their sleep, alternating between traditional back-sleeping and side-sleeping. To facilitate back sleeping the Dreamade comes with a neck support and headrest that maintain the curvature of your spine and neck, while slightly broader side zones allow you to sleep on your sides while lifting your entire head upwards. Like most traditional pillows, the Dreamade allows you to adjust its height by adding or removing material… However, the material within the pillow itself is rather interesting in and of itself.

Soft but Supportive – The combination of memory foam noodles and premium microfiber conforms to your shape but rebounds quicker to give dynamic support as you switch positions.

Perhaps the one major area of innovation for pillows over the past century has been its filling. Pillows were originally filled with feathers before migrating to cotton, then synthetic fibers, and finally, the apparent holy grail of pillow-making – memory foam. While the industry swears by memory foam pillows, its notorious disadvantage is that you can’t really adjust the pillow’s size. A memory foam pillow is made to be used exactly the way it is, and can’t be height-adjusted by adding or removing material – but the Dreamade seems to have cracked this problem by relying on a hybrid between memory foam ‘noodles’ and microfibers.

The Dreamade pillow is filled with a ‘stuffing’ of ultra-fine microscopic polyester fibers, mixed with multiple memory foam noodles (which unlike a big chunk of memory foam, can be adjusted in quantity). This unique combination provides the Dreamade with the best of all worlds, allowing it to be heigh-adjusted by simply adding or removing the stuffing, while being comfortable, supporting, breathable, hypoallergenic, and anti-odor.

The pillow’s 4 separate segments can be individually height-adjusted to give you a pillow that uniquely suits your comfort needs, while 3D mesh gussets (separators) between the 4 compartments allow air to pass through all areas of the pillow for maximum breathability, eliminating ‘hot zones’ and sweaty patches while you sleep.

Each Dreamade pillow comes with its own pillow cover that the makers recommend gets washed ideally every fortnight. The pillow itself is washable too, once you’ve removed the filling out from inside its shell. You can grab a Dreamade pillow of your own for a 47% discounted price of $79 USD. The pillow ships internationally with a regular and a zippered case, and an extra bag of the hybrid microfiber + memory foam noodle fill, starting July 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $150 (47% off). Hurry, Launch Special ends in less than 24 hours!