How this futuristic-looking portable power station can level up your game

Our modern lives have become dependent on electronic devices, not just for work but also for entertainment, whether they’re gaming desktops, consoles, or smartphones. Of course, that means that we’re just as dependent on batteries and electricity that power them, and we often start to panic and stress out when the lights go out. Granted, there are plenty of emergency power solutions these days, but very few would appeal to the aesthetic tastes of gamers and tech-savvy users, nor are they very portable when it comes down to it. That’s all about to change with this innovative portable power station that packs a whopping 300W of power in a distinctive and stylish box that’s just a little larger than an A5 pocketbook.

Designer: Volcan Creative LLC

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There is really no shortage of portable power stations in the market today, but almost all of them have two things in common. They’re primarily marketed for camping use or travel, and they all look the part of rugged and heavy pieces of equipment. Even if they’re designated for home use, they’re often stowed away from sight, not just because of their size but also because they will often clash with the rest of your room.

The Energon 300, in contrast, is something you might be tempted to put on a pedestal, and you definitely can, thanks to its portable size. At only 242 x 180.4 x 102.95mm, it’s half the size of other power stations with the same battery capacity, so you can easily pick it up and place it anywhere to power up anytime. Its diamond cut design easily makes it stand out from the crowd, giving off sci-fi vibes that will definitely match most gamers’ styles. It’s a refreshing sight from all the rugged power stations or minimalist power banks littering the market, but the Energon 300 has more than just dashing good looks.

“V” Powerlink – Ability to power up to 7 devices simultaneously.

Seamless compatibility.

Smartswitch – Energon 300 switches to backup power within 20ms, ensuring your devices stay powered and uninterrupted.

Thanks to Volcan Celltech technology, the Energon 300 packs an astounding 300W LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate) battery inside its compact body, the kind of reliable and long-lasting battery that’s used in electric cars. That’s enough juice to power seven devices, and thanks to its “V” Powerlink multi-port design, you can power all seven of them at the same time, whether they’re gaming consoles, drones, or even laptops. With a 20ms smart switch, you can even use the Energon 300 as an emergency backup power so you won’t miss a beat or a hit during an unexpected outage.

Adventure-ready Design – Built to UL 94V-0 standard, ensures durability and safety even in challenging environments.

Despite its gaming-friendly appearance, the Energon 300 is also fit for travel. Its 3.6kg weight and slim, compact size make it easy to carry around, while its fire-retardant and shock-resistant shell makes it more rugged than it looks. Powerful, portable, and stylish, the Energon 300 delivers all the power you need to level up your game, whether outdoors, at home, or in the dark during a blackout.

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $299 ($120 off). Hurry, less than 10 hours left!